Seeing the Light in Darkness

A rabbi whose wife had breast cancer shares his tools for developing trust in God.

Falling In Love With God, Step 3: Indebtedness

To experience God deeply, we must face the undeniable truth that we are hugely indebted to our Creator.

Getting In Touch With Our Inner Slaves

Everybody is enslaved to something. The only question is -- who is your master?

The Ruchama Project

Enlist in an army of good-deed-doers who are ready to change the world -- and the life of a teenage girl.

Hot Air

Passover cleaning can liberate us from our most dangerous enemy -- our fragile egos.

Mastering The Gratitude Attitude

It begins with getting rid of the entitlement attitude, which puts "my rights" ahead of everything else.

I Can't Wait for the Day When...

What are the most fervent dreams of America's young execs? You are in for a surprise.

Of Earthquakes and Abortion

We are willing to extend Herculean efforts to save a life, even when the possibility is remote. Why should limiting abortion on demand be any different?

Falling In Love With God – Part 1

To enjoy the greatest pleasure in life, we need to embrace the half of the glass that's full and the half that's empty.

Courage Versus Chutzpah

Boldness and brazenness are two sides of the same coin. What leads to great acts of courage, the other can render great harm. But both can be turned to do good.

Legalizing Assisted Suicide

Last week, the Dutch Parliament officially legalized what has been common practice in the Netherlands for many years: the killing of patients by doctors.

Life is Beautiful

About two years ago, we had an unplanned growth in our family -- a large cancerous tumor.

Bad Attitude: A True Story For Yom Kippur

"My career was still stuck in neutral. I wasn't working. I wasn't doing anything to get things going either, except blaming my roomate for ruining my life with his success."

Micros and Macros

How do we face the challenges of these most significant days?

Principles of the Soul: #13 - The Communication Lie

Spouses don't feel alienated from each other because they can't communicate; they feel alienated because all they are communicating is negativity.

We Are What We Say

Appreciating the immense impact of those little words we utter.

Soul Matters: #5 Prayer Made Practical

Prayer can be difficult. Here are some practical exercises on how to use it to our advantage.

Happiness: the Fuel for a Meaningful Life

How to find happiness by living in the present and anticipating the future. An excerpt from the new book "Powers of the Soul".

Soul Matters: #4 - Worlds and Levels of Soul

The levels of soul transform prayer into a spiritual elevator that takes us up into the presence of God.

Principle of the Soul: #12 - The Deeper Meaning of Physical Intimacy

It has the potential for intense holiness and intense corruption, depending who's at the helm -- your soul or your ego.

Soul Matters: #3 - Souls and Prayer

Connecting with the five levels of soul during prayer draws down different aspects of spiritual energy and transforms the prayer experience.

Principles of the Soul: #11 - Marriage and True Intimacy

Intimacy is ever-present and waiting to emerge as soon as the ego gets out of the way.

Soul Matters: #2 - Unifying Souls

The five levels of soul channel the light of God into us, but our actions effect the flow of spiritual energy.

Principles of the Soul #10: The Mystical Art of Passover Cleaning

Finding and burning the chametz is akin to finding and purging the ego to let the soul shine through.

On Becoming A Kind Person

Small acts of kindness bring fulfillment and joy to the doer, but most importantly they have life-transforming potential.

Principles of the Soul: #9 - Content vs. Context

One of Judaism's secrets to having healthy marriage: Step away from angry content to relate to your partner in context.

Soul Matters: #1 - Real Soul Brothers

The soul is a complex spiritual entity made up of five intricately connected parts, which may explain why at times we feel different degrees of spirituality.

Principles of the Soul: #8 - Your Soul and Your Soulmate

The challenge of marriage is to come to a constant recognition that you are actually one unit.

Principle of the Soul: #6 - Don't Wreck Your Life

When you are caught up in your ego -- whether you are scared, angry, nervous, or frustrated -- you are incapable of making a sane decision.

Principle of the Soul #5 - It's the Thought that Counts

Learning to separate ego-driven thinking from soul-inspired thinking is a challenge of growing spiritually.

Principles of the Soul: #4 - A View of the Universe

The ego says that external circumstances define how you should feel. The soul says that the controls are all internal. What do you think?

Principles of the Soul: #3 - Giving Vs. Taking

The struggle between your soul and your ego is over life-affirming giving and body-deteriorating taking.

Principles of the Soul #2: The Ego

Your ego is that inner voice that makes you act like an idiot. Silencing it may not be possible, but controlling it is.

Principles of the Soul: #1 - Your Essence

At your innermost point is a spark of pure Divinity: your soul. That essence gives you all the wisdom and perspective you need in life. (First in a series.)

Our Bout with Cancer

A bout with a terrifying illness teaches that no pain, no matter how great, can match the power of the human soul.

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