Echoes and Triggers: Take a Look at Yourself

What rubs you the wrong way is an opportunity for introspection.

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(4) Harry Pearle, October 15, 2021 2:56 PM

REFLECTION May Help? (Consider Leonardo's Mirror Writing)

Thank you, Rabbi Sytner. I must reflect on this, and replay the video, again...

This reminds me of notes written by Leonardo da Vinci.
He often wrote notes on his work, with backwards writing.
It is not clear why he would write backwards. Was it to hide his ideas?

Based on your video, a thought came to me.
Maybe he wanted people to read his notes, with a MIRROR, for a special reason.
By using a MIRROR, they would see themselves, as well as the notes.
Thus, they might be encourages to REFLECT on the meaning, with more interest.

So when we study Torah, do we REFLECT on our lives and our own problems?

(3) Steven & Cheryl Kaminsky, October 13, 2021 7:43 PM

Well communicated Rabbi Sytner

It reminds me of the old finger-pointing rule.
One finger is pointed at you and three fingers are pointed back at the opposer.

(2) Jewish Mom, October 13, 2021 12:55 PM

He who disquialifies...

Our sages have said this another way:
Kol haposel, b'mumo posel i.e. those who invalidate, invalidate with their own defect.”(Kiddushin 70b). The Talmud goes so far as to say that if Person A wants to claim that Person B's lineage is questionable, one should check the lineage of Person A himself, quoting the above rule.
If you notice a negative trait in another person, that should be your trigger to examine yourself for that trait.
I have understood it this way:
Each person judges another's actions from the point of reference of their own experiences so they infer what such behavior would reflect in themselves. Many people can see the same scene and each comes to a different conclusion. Most likely the spacey person may not notice at all, or may assume that the other person spaced out and the behavior was not intentional. To the degree that a person is selfish. s/he might interpret the other's action as selfish and a narcissist will be furious at the other's perceived selfishness. We see a reflection of ourselves. It's G-d's way of holding up
a mirror to ourselves to point out to us what we need to correct just as the echo in Rabbi Sytner's parable. If we are wise, it's an opportunity to guide us to recalibrate our path.

(1) Anonymous, October 13, 2021 12:47 PM

I was told to take a piece of paper and write down the persons name. Thenwrite what is bugging you about them. When done doing this, cross off their name and put your own on it. Carole


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