For the past few months, I have seen unfold an accomplishment that required great courage, determination and grit. My best friend’s 14-month old son, David, went from a curled up mass held at every moment to a champion runner with his mom chasing after his every turn. What can we learn from his process?

We’ve all exhibited those same qualities when we learned how to walk. Tapping into those inner qualities will empower us to achieve our goals. Let’s learn from David.

1. Let go of the wall

For a young child, the process of walking is terrifying at first. You can see it in his or her eyes. He may have mastered crawling or standing while holding on to a chair or a wall, but what about the next leap? That first step that is completely out of his comfort zone? He has to let go of the wall.

Letting go of the wall can mean being the first person to say I love you in a relationship, asking for a raise, or leaving a comfortable job for a career that makes you happy to wake up in the morning. The wall that represents certainty, predictability and safety.

How many walls are we holding on to for dear life, afraid to make the first move into the unknown? In order to grow we must face our fears, face uncertainty and face the risk.

2. Get up as fast as you fall

Toddlers have an uncanny ability to fall and get right back up. They take a tumble, skid across the floor, hit their head and scrap their knees. It may take a moment or two to shake it off but they always get back up. This is a key to greatness.

How fast do we give up on ourselves? Are we willing to fall as many times as it takes and still find the courage to believe in ourselves? Imagine if while learning how to a walk a child would say, well I fell twenty times so I must be a failure.

It is impossible to learn how to walk without falling. Failure is the stepping stone to success. So why be so hard on yourself when you fail? Brush it off and get back up and try again. Not once. Not twice. But as many times as it takes to get the job done.

3. Unleash the greatness within

A baby goes from sitting, crawling, wobbling, walking and finally running. Do you think the child knew that all of these latent talents and abilities were residing within? Envision the joy of a child running through grass straight into the arms of a parent with a zeal for life. Did that child know what unbounded happiness lay ahead?

We are all filled with God-given talents, abilities and possibilities that we may be unaware of at this time. We look at a newborn child and see infinite possibilities. Perhaps, God looks at us at all stages of life and sees the infinite possibilities in store in our lives waiting to be unleashed.

There is an exponential amount of potential within you. Recognize, cultivate and honor what God has gifted to us. We think we know who we are based on our past or the words of others. But maybe we are just scared and clinging to the wall? If we let go of the wall and step into the unknown, we can reach deep within ourselves to unlock that which we never imagined possible.