1. Physical health. It’s hard to feel great when your body feels sick. (5 quick tips: eat healthily, exercise, sleep enough, don’t do dangerous stuff, pray for health)

2. Appreciate your riches. We’re already rich, we just have to take notice of how ridiculously wealthy we really are. Make a list of your blessings, including every part of your body that works, your possessions, the people you love in your life, the meaningful pursuits you’re involved in… and take a look at how ridiculously wealthy you already are!

3. Thinking positively. No one goes through life without experiencing challenging situations, obnoxious people and the occasional ordeal. Thinking positively in challenging situations is a fundamental to happiness. It’s how we choose to respond the challenging situation that determines our state, not the situation itself.

For example, Joe and Ben miss their flights because their rides to the airport were late. Joe is furious and sulks for the rest of the day. Ben says to himself “I’m not thrilled but worse things have happened! How can I use my time productively while I am waiting for the next plane?” Two hours later Joe is still seething about the irresponsible driver while Ben has already moved on and is using the extra time to get caught up on some work.

4. Love yourself. We love others when we focus on their inner beauty. To love yourself focus on your inner beauty and virtues. What makes you unique and beautiful?

5. Have a healthy relationship with your Creator. God understands you, loves you, believes in you and bestows endless blessings upon you every single day. Keep Him in mind and thank Him.

6. Live up to your moral values. Live in concert with your values such as integrity, kindness and patience. That way you can look in the mirror and know you are looking at a good person. It will be hard to feel good about yourself if you are dishonest, egocentric or selfish.

7. Nurturing special relationships. Having even one special relationship can transform your life and remove a sense of loneliness. (The Hebrew word for life is Chaim – which is a plural word – because if we are not meaningfully connecting to another, we are not truly living.)

8. Pursuing meaningful goals. We feel most alive when we’re pursuing meaningful goals. Life pulsates with real significance. What are some of the most meaningful goals that you would like to put more time into pursuing?

9. Making your unique contribution to the world. You have a unique contribution to make in the world that flows from who you are and which is profoundly meaningful. As you share your light and goodness with others, you become a partner in perfecting the world.

10. Daily growth. If you aren’t growing, you will feel that you’re stagnating. Knowing that every day you are doing something that brings you closer to being the person that you want to be and to achieving the goals that you want to achieve is a fantastic pleasure!