Passover and the Zodiac

Slaughtering the Pascal lamb represented breaking free from predetermined forces beyond our control.

Performing Miracles

God split the sea. What miracle can we do?

God Is in the Details

Why do Jews obsess about details, and why do we need so many mitzvot anyway?

What Is a Jew?

Are we a religion, a nation, a race, or something else altogether?

Your Second Name, Reincarnation Part 2

After you die, angels will ask you: What is your second name? Here’s how to reply.


The film Noah has been banned by some Islamic authorities for depicting a prophet of God. What is the Jewish view of prophecy?

Why Reincarnation?

Exploring the mystical underpinnings of this misunderstood concept.

Climbing the World’s Second Tallest Building

In this terrifying video, Russian daredevils film their ascent with no ropes or safety net. Why?

The Word "Hebrew": Insights into the Hebrew Language

Jews are also referred to as Hebrews. What can this name tell us about the character of Jews?

The Loving Slap

The mosquito landed on the forehead of my unsuspecting son. I went in for the kill.

Faith in God: A Jewish Perspective

It starts with the intellect and slowly enters the heart.


The similarities – and essential differences – between Thanksgiving and Hanukkah.

Days of Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving and Hanukkah remind us to be grateful not just for the success, but even for the struggle.

Isaiah 53: The Suffering Servant

Cutting through the distortions and mistranslations of this enigmatic text.

Body Electric

What was Abraham's major contribution to the world? It's not what you think.

Building Trust in God

The ABC’s of strengthening our connection.

Miracles You Can't See

Sometimes our vision gets better when we close our eyes.

When the Tests are Miracles

Divine Providence or coincidence? The choice – and challenge – is yours.

Asking the Right Questions

My struggle to find meaning in suffering.

Music and Life

Is our relentless pursuit of success making us forget what’s really important in life?

When Bad Things Happen

If God is good, why is the world so bad?

Rational Approach To Divine Origin of Judaism

Exploring Judaism’s unique claim that no other religion in history has made.

120: That’s Life

The meaning of the number 120 in Jewish thought.

Life After Death

Jewish perspectives on the bestseller Proof of Heaven.

Hide and Seek with God

Peeling back the cloak of coincidence to see God’s hidden Hand.

Israel’s Long Walk to Freedom

Committing to life as a journey of victories and defeats goes to the heart of creation.

How the Torah Revolutionized Political Thought

Throughout the ancient world the truth was self-evident: all men were NOT created equal.

Altruism and Religion

Religion is the best antidote to the individualism of the consumer age.

Judaism and Dreams

The significance of dreams in Jewish thought.

Where Was God in Virginia Tech?

God's seeming indifference is in fact an expression of His greatest gift to mankind.

Thanking Sandy

How to have gratitude for both good and bad.

Life after Death: Ebook

A free, 24-page compendium exploring the Jewish view of the Next World.

Tricking Time

Why did God create a world where wisdom and physical strength seem to move in opposite directions?

Five Things Judaism Wants You to Know

A quick primer on five essential philosophical points.

Field of Potential

The Maharal of Prague on Shavuot and the essence of man.

Essential Freedom

How could anyone celebrate Passover, the holiday of liberation, in Auschwitz?

Trauma, Anger and Confronting God

Anger will occasionally be expressed in any loving relationship. Why should it be any different with God?

Freeing Yourself from Jealousy

Unlocking a secret of the tenth commandment.

Ask Rabbi Weinberg: Videos

A sampling of short video discussions from the founder of Aish HaTorah.

Let There Be Light

Understanding the cultural clash between the Greeks and the Jews.

Chanukah: The Fight for Freedom

Why celebrate the miracle of oil and not the great military victory?

What is the Purpose of Life?

Jewish thought answers with one word: pleasure.

Vegetarianism and History’s First Murder

Understanding the utopian state in the Garden of Eden.

The Miracle Called Me

The shofar blast reminds us that our essence is truly free.

Cremation: A Burning Issue

Even after death, the body is a holy vessel that deserves respect.

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