The Choice of Self-esteem

Our constant struggle between reality and denial.

Religion, Police & Functioning of Democracy

Is religion necessary for following societal rules?

The Kosher Song

A must-see rap song about keeping kosher.

The Purpose of Leaving Egypt

Three central lessons from the Passover story.

If You Were God

We often question God's ways. But given the chance, how would we do things differently?

Miracles, Human and Divine

Like the days of Hanukkah, we are witnessing miracles today.

Hanukkah & the Essence of True Beauty

Why did Judaism pose such a great threat to ancient Greece?

Witchcraft and Judaism

If magic and the occult do exist, why are they so evil?

Einstein's Biggest Mistake

Ingrained bias caused Einstein to make what he called the biggest blunder of his career.

Money, Sukkot & Affluenza

Sukkot and the sabbatical year teach us the Jewish perspective on wealth and happiness.

The Long Road to Heaven

If God loves us, why did He place us in such a dark and evil world?

Robin Williams’ Suicide

A Jewish perspective on the tragedy of suicide.

Jew Hatred: Understanding the World’s Insanity

Anti-Semitism renders irrelevant the justice of Israel’s war in Gaza.

Who's Protecting Israel?

It’s not just the Iron Dome we have to thank.

Why So Much Suffering?

Creating freedom without anarchy, order without tyranny.

5 Surprising Facts about Judaism

Including you don’t need to be Jewish to get to Heaven.

English Words with Hebrew Origins

These common English words have their origins in Hebrew and Jewish thought.

Looks Could Kill

How the Hebrew month of Tammuz parallels the faculty of sight.

Darwinism, Morality and Free Choice

Evolutionary biology’s corrosive impact on the foundations of human society.

What is a Mitzvah?

Every commandment is an opportunity to build a relationship with God.

Accepting Torah: Burden or Opportunity?

Why did we take on these restrictive commandments after finally becoming free?

Passover and the Zodiac

Slaughtering the Pascal lamb represented breaking free from predetermined forces beyond our control.

Performing Miracles

God split the sea. What miracle can we do?

God Is in the Details

Why do Jews obsess about details, and why do we need so many mitzvot anyway?

What Is a Jew?

Are we a religion, a nation, a race, or something else altogether?

Your Second Name, Reincarnation Part 2

After you die, angels will ask you: What is your second name? Here’s how to reply.


The film Noah has been banned by some Islamic authorities for depicting a prophet of God. What is the Jewish view of prophecy?

Why Reincarnation?

Exploring the mystical underpinnings of this misunderstood concept.

Climbing the World’s Second Tallest Building

In this terrifying video, Russian daredevils film their ascent with no ropes or safety net. Why?

The Word "Hebrew": Insights into the Hebrew Language

Jews are also referred to as Hebrews. What can this name tell us about the character of Jews?

The Loving Slap

The mosquito landed on the forehead of my unsuspecting son. I went in for the kill.

Faith in God: A Jewish Perspective

It starts with the intellect and slowly enters the heart.


The similarities – and essential differences – between Thanksgiving and Hanukkah.

Days of Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving and Hanukkah remind us to be grateful not just for the success, but even for the struggle.

Isaiah 53: The Suffering Servant

Cutting through the distortions and mistranslations of this enigmatic text.

Body Electric

What was Abraham's major contribution to the world? It's not what you think.

Building Trust in God

The ABC’s of strengthening our connection.

Miracles You Can't See

Sometimes our vision gets better when we close our eyes.

When the Tests are Miracles

Divine Providence or coincidence? The choice – and challenge – is yours.

Asking the Right Questions

My struggle to find meaning in suffering.

Music and Life

Is our relentless pursuit of success making us forget what’s really important in life?

When Bad Things Happen

If God is good, why is the world so bad?

Rational Approach To Divine Origin of Judaism

Exploring Judaism’s unique claim that no other religion in history has made.

The Sukkah Experience

In the very impermanence of the sukkah lies true security - we realize we are not alone!

120: That’s Life

The meaning of the number 120 in Jewish thought.

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