Why Celebrate with Bitter Herbs?

Yes, God took us out of Egypt, but He put us there in the first place!

Body Electric

What was Abraham's major contribution to the world? It's not what you think.

Your 10 Guiding Principles for Life

A tool for staying focused on what's really important in life.

Our Near Miss

God is constantly whispering in our ear

Asking the Right Questions

My struggle to find meaning in suffering.

Hashem: The Name

Why do some Jews refer to God as "Hashem"?

Science of the Soul

Is the human being inherently different from any other creature?

My Loose Limbs

How many pieces of me are scattered over the world?

Harry Potter and Free Will

Ultimately, it's our choices that make us who we are.

The Great Mistake

Why did the Creator design such a vulnerable knee?

Shavuot: Nexus between Man and God

How Shavuot and its parallel facets of meaning represent the intertwining of God's omnipotence with man's free will.

MySpace or YourSpace?

Facebook and the essence of Passover.

Can Intellect Replace Morality?

Intelligence is no guarantee of goodness.

Miracles You Can't See

Sometimes our vision gets better when we close our eyes.

Beauty and the Greeks

What was the underlying conflict between Jewish and Greek philosophy?

Batman vs. the Joker: Hope vs. Destruction

Can the world be redeemed?

Prisoner Exchange in Jewish Law

The State of Israel is faced with a difficult dilemma: To release terrorist prisoners in exchange for captive soldiers, or not. What does Jewish Law have to say?

Purim and Nature

Understanding the Hebrew word "teva" sheds light on the story of Purim.

Remember Amalek

A lesson on Divine Providence in memory of the fallen Torah students of Mercaz HaRav, hy"d.

The Nature of Nature

What's the difference between nature and the miraculous?

Wrestling with Suffering

Jewish philosophical approaches to one of life's fundamental questions.

Where Was God in Virginia Tech?

God's seeming indifference is in fact an expression of His greatest gift to mankind.

Faster Than Time

This Passover, achieve the impossible.

Bad Things Don't Happen

Finding light in the darkness.

Free Will and its Deniers

Free choice is humanity's "greatest gift," a gift that itself makes life worth living.

Harry Potter and the Children of Ketura

Did Jewish mystical books inspire the Sorcerer's Stone legend?

When the Tests are Miracles

Divine Providence or coincidence? The choice – and challenge – is yours.

Purpose: Heartbeat of Creation

When "bad things happen to good people," by what standard does one define "bad"?

The Anger of the Atheists

If morality and ethics are rendered meaningless, how's a principled atheist supposed to respond to injustice?

The Etrog and Jewish Beauty

Judaism's surprising definition of beauty.

Who is God to Judge?

I often felt resentful toward God, until I discovered that Rosh Hashanah is about empowerment, not guilt.

Heaven Can Wait

If Jews believe in a blissful afterlife, why does death cause us such inconsolable grief?

Celebrating Jewish Sadness

Tisha B'Av teaches that through pain and sadness, we can truly know pleasure and joy.

Doubt and Certainty

Searching for clarity and the road back to the garden.

The Indignity of Atheism

One who sees only random forces behind why we humans find ourselves here is ultimately bound only by his wants.

Torah with Morrie, Final: Leaving a Legacy

Death ends a life, not a relationship.

Torah with Morrie #19: The Completion of Life

It isn't the physical life itself that makes the difference; it is the legacy.

Torah with Morrie #18: Avoiding Youth Envy

Appreciating the gifts that old age provides.

Channeling Spiritual Light

How living the commandments empowers you to connect with God and be your true self.

Questioning God

I don't want to live in the question any more. I want to live in the answer.

Torah with Morrie #17: Embracing the Aging Process

Respecting elders is more than good manners, it shows what is truly important in life.

Shelter of Faith

Exploring the eternal relevance of Sukkot and mitzvot in general.

Torah with Morrie #16: Being Number Two

The pitfalls of trying to always be Number One.

Torah with Morrie #15: Parenting with Pride

Why did God create the world where grownups must suffer through inattentiveness, non-compliance, and general moodiness with our kids?

Torah with Morrie #14: Family First

What is the most important element in achieving happiness?

Torah with Morrie #13: Giving Through Taking

Sometimes the best way to give is by allowing others give to us and take.

Torah with Morrie #12: Making Meaningful Moments Last

How can we ever truly enjoy something when we know that all things will pass?

Torah with Morrie #10: Finding One True Friend

Everyone needs that one person who understands us and with whom we can communicate openly without any pretenses.

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