What’s Wrong with Pornography?: One Jewish Perspective

Holiness comes through giving, not taking.

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(4) Anonymous, December 14, 2017 3:04 PM

Wonderful Summary. Thank you.

My marriage of 30 years suffered immensely due to this topic. We did not end the marriage, but we do now live separately. It saddens my heart deeply. If more saw this activity from this perspective perhaps relationships could be saved and hearts enlightened because they are not darkened by the weight of selfish secrets. Bravo. Blessings.

(3) Tzvi Abrahams, November 11, 2017 10:38 PM

Shalom Rabbi Becher,
Thank you for your views on the perspective of pornography built on 'taking' and the contrasting relationship of husband and wife built on 'giving.' Rabbi Dessler in his sefer 'strive for truth' gives a very detailed account of the giver and taker relationship where he makes a profound revelation 'that more than you give the one you love, you love the one you give.'
True the giving/taking relationship is the core difference of the one hooked on pornography verses the loving relationship, however in my humble opinion, I am not sure if the definitions of Rabbi Shecter that you mentioned of 'Tuma' and 'Kedusha' are the best fit for these ideas. The opposite of Tuma is Tahorah (purity), while kedusha (an entirely higher level to Tahorah in the sefer Mesilas Yesharim) has as its opposite 'Chullin' meaning ordinary or profaned.

(2) Jim, November 11, 2017 3:17 PM

Thank you I understood that commentary . Ego issues again ! Me , I , what can I get.

(1) Dr C D Goldberg, November 8, 2017 8:39 PM

The value of education especially to young

Sex and sexual thought should be forbidden outside of a properly constituted marriage, and children as young as possible, should be taught the importance of sexual prohibitions from an early age, in the same way as they are taught the importance of keeping Kosher. The laws of Loschen Hora is also of immense and critical importance as well. There are far too many secular Jewish councillors especially Jewish Women who give their clients, patients and young children advice that is both disgusting and Halachicly unacceptable, and far too many Jews are involved in the Porn Industry and there are too many adult shops, escort agencies and brothels and also prostitutes in the streets where a lot of Jews reside, for secular Jews are far too tolerant of things that are immoral and wrong. By the way if you want to destroy the Jewish people and the Jewish way of life, then flood the area with pornography, drugs and prostitution and make this as accessible and cheap. I think we can learn from the bible punching Christian fundamentalists on this one, for they have a zero tolerance to these kind of things.


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