Enjoy your Good Fortune

Self Respect is your Birthright.

Be Grateful for your Body

Your body is a miraculous gift.

Being Grateful

What are you grateful for?

Abundance Mindset Part 3

Expanding your perspective.

The Great Network of People

Contemplate how much you gain from other people.

Developing and Abundance Mindset

Are you aware of your abundance?

Self Talk on Shabbos

The day of serenity and gratitude.

The Four Key Elements

How to make the most of each day.

My Greatest Role Models

The art of imaginary interviews.

From Selfish To Unselfish

Self talk of the unselfish.

Self Discipline

The self talk of self mastery.

Concentrating and Focusing

How to bring your mind back on what you're reading.

Other People

How to turn an enemy into a friend.

Mastering Happiness and Joy

Nine happiness principles.

How To Be Unhappy

Unhappiness patterns.

Situations That You Don't Like

Change it or change your self talk.

Choose Life

What is a life enhancing choice now?

Reaching Important Goals

The self talk of achievement.

Counter Productive Self Talk

Keep your self talk positive.

Calming Yourself

Your inner calming mind.

Who Am I?

Work in progress.

Your Life's Purpose and Mission

Your self talk creates your life mission.

Your Habits of Thought Are Repetitive

Make a conscious effort to upgrade your patterns

Everything Is Neutral Until You Have Self Talk

A valuable skill for transforming your life.

When Everything is Neutral

Your outlook is the key to the quality of your life.

Self Talk Is in the Present

Turn your thoughts to the present moment as that is where your life really is.

You Are What You Think

Consistent positive thought can lead to happiness.

Upgrading Your Self Talk

Through positive self-talk you can talk yourself into a happier life.

Awareness of Your Self Talk

Do I really talk to myself?

Joy for the Joy of Others

How to have unlimited amounts of joyful acheivement.

The Purim Parable

A Lesson for the Entire Year. (11min)

Challenges Strengthen Me

You Choose the Way You Look at Things. (5min)

Humility and Arrogance

A Positive Self Image is Consistent with Modesty. (4.5min)

Self Mastery Builds You

The Greater Your Self Mastery the Greater Your Self. (3min)

Authentic Self Image

Don't project an image for others. (3min)

In the Presence of Positive People

Benefiting from someone's good eye & good heart. (3min)

The Power of "Next!"

On to better thoughts. (3min)

Thoughts That Lower Self Image

How people create a low self image. (3.5min)

Who Would Believe?

What can you do now that you thought you never could. (3min)

For a Lazy Person You Do a Lot

Seeing yourself in a positive light. (3.5min)

The Power of the Word "Yet"

Get ready for "yet". (2.45min)

Expand Your Beliefs about What's Possible

Are you using your full potential. (3min)

If Someone else can Do it I can Do it Too

Learn from everyone you meet. (4min)

If I can Do it Once, I can Do it Again

Even once is a valuable start. (3min)

How Long Does It Take

Upgrading your Awareness. (1.5min)

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