In times of crisis, the Jewish response has always included a spiritual component. King David, when sending troops to the front, would assign a parallel group to stay back immersed in prayer.

In these days, as the forces of oppression and terror threaten our security, we lift our eyes toward Heaven with a prayer -- for the protection of allied soldiers, wisdom for our leaders, and peace for all mankind.

Why is prayer effective at this time?

God is the all-encompassing, unifying Force in the world, and by strengthening our connection to Him, we concurrently strengthen our bond to all humanity, thus brining the world one step closer to its goal of unity and peace.

The most effective prayer is that which emanates from the heart. Find a quiet room, alone, and just start talking: “Dear God…”

If you speak to God sincerely, you will surely see results.

For some ideas to get you started, here is a prayer written especially for the war in Iraq:

Almighty God on High, omnipotent King, look down from Your Sanctified Abode, and bless the valiant soldiers of the Coalition Forces who risk their lives to protect the welfare of all Your creation.

Benevolent God, be their shelter and fortress, and to not allow them to falter. May harmony dwell in their ranks, victory in their battalion. Fill their hearts with faith and courage to thwart the evil schemes of our enemies and to abolish every rule of evil.

Protect them on land, in the air and in the sea, and destroy their adversaries. Guide them in peace, lead them toward peace, and return them speedily to their families alive and unharmed.

Grant us true peace in fulfillment of the prophecy: “Nation shall not lift up sword against another nation, nor shall they learn war any more.”

Let all the inhabitants of the world know that Dominion is Yours, and Your name inspires awe upon all that You have created. May this be Your will, and let us say, Amen.

Prayer courtesy of OU/RCA

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