A Wing and a Prayer

Rushing to my grandfather's funeral, I got in sync with my GPS.


Each one of us in that waiting room had something in common: in silence, we awaited an anguished moment of terrifying truth.

Kaddish in Nunavut

My special Kaddish for my mother in the Arctic circle.

Inviting God to My Table

Hurricane Andrew and my lesson in gratitude.

A Relationship with God

What happens when God doesn't answer our prayers?

Praying for the Payoff

Can giving money away really help your bottom line?

How To Get Your Prayers Answered

Do you feel like you're talking to a wall when you pray? Here's five key tools for getting your prayers answered.

Praying with Fire Part 1

Ten Lessons on maximizing prayer during the Ten Days of Repentance.

My Doc's Procedure

One small tumor. If He can make it, surely He can break it.

40 Days for a Stranger

Every day, I pour out my heart, praying that she should get married.

The Unusual Looking Man

The surprising impact one blessing can make.

In Every Generation

One-min Film

Pray for Israel

In response to the alarming situation in Israel, let us intensify our determination to merit the Almighty's help for our brethren in the Holy Land.

Prayin' Alive

I was ready to write my friend off as dead. I decided to pray for her instead.

Just Pray for It

How to receive your daily needs, and small appliances, too.

Praying with Fire Part 2

Ten Lessons on maximizing prayer during the Ten Days of Repentance.

Talking to God

Do you talk to your spouse no matter how sleep deprived, overworked or frustrated you are? Communicating with God is no different.

Where is God?

I thought God was ignoring me since He wasn't answering my prayers. Then one day I got the unexpected reply.

Growth through Psalms

Exploring Psalms for life transforming thoughts.

Heavenly Prayer

The unique advantages of praying 38,000 feet above the ground.

Mayanot on Prayer #5: Pouring Out Your Heart

Within the Afternoon Prayer lies the secret to our survival.

Mayanot on Prayer #4: Negotiating with God

God is interested in our plans for the world and He wants to hear from us.

Mayanot on Prayer #3: Fixing the World through Prayer

Prayer pierces through God's concealment and reattaches the universe to the Divine.

Mayanot on Prayer #2: Our Father, Our King

Prayer transforms the desire to satisfy our requests to the desire to satisfy God's requests.

Mayanot on Prayer #1: I Pray Therefore I Am

The commandment to prayer bequeaths to man the sense of his own significance that enables him to perform all the other commandments with dedication.

Asking God for Forgiveness

Skip the paralyzing guilt. The classical confession helps us maximize the power of the day.

Prayer for the Soldiers

The war in Iraq can be a catalyst for spiritual unity.

God Makes a House Call

A little blockage enables one man to appreciate the wonders of the human body -- and the power of genuine prayer.

Prayer for Israeli Soldiers

Invoking God's protection for the members of the Israel Defense Forces.

Hearing God

Prayer is a two-way street, speaking as well as listening.

40 Days to a Better Self

Prayer is not waving a magic wand and hoping for the best.

Prayer #11 - Acknowledging Good

In Hebrew, the word for gratitude can mean "thanks", "praise" and "confession."

Storm the Heavens

A special call to unite in prayer during these dangerous times.

Prayer #10 - Upside-down Hourglass

By having the right intention in prayer, we raise the sparks and bring time closer to its ultimate end.

Prayer #9 - Holy Sparks of Energy

The holy sparks of spiritual energy, embedded in the physical, animate the universe and fuel redemption.

Prayer #8: Hear O Israel: Part 3 - Jewish Unity

Embodied in the first verse of the Sh'ma, and its accompanying praise of God's kingdom, is a profound allusion to the unity of the Jewish people.

Better than Skype

You're not bothering God.

Prayer #7 - Hear O Israel Part II

If we look at the Sh'ma, the quintessential Jewish prayer, through the eyes of gematria, we can see encoded the mission of Jews in world history.

Prayer #6 - Hear O Israel: Part 1

The message of the Sh'ma is applicable to every Jew at all times, at every conscious moment. It embodies one of the most profound concepts known to man: the Oneness of God.

Prayer #5 - Prayer Role Models

Abraham and Moses knew how to turn every action into an experience of communicating with God. Their very existence became synonymous with "prayer."

Olympics and Kavanah

Eons before anybody ever heard of Marion Jones or Tiger Woods, Judaism recognized the importance of mental focus. In the case of Judaism, however, the stakes are weightier than any gold medal.

Praying Big, Praying Small

Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur are a time of concentrated prayer. But how does one pray effectively if one isn't even sure how to begin or what to pray for?

Prayer #4 - Feeding the Universe

The physical universe contains a spiritual counterpart that acts as its soul. To thrive, the soul of the universe needs to be nourished by prayer.

Prayer #3 - Praying With Purity

Purity has the power to transform prayer into a focused, uplifting experience. Here are a few simple tools.

Prayer #2 - In Search of Meaningful Prayer

The difference between the words in the seemingly incomprehensible Siddur and those in your heart is your understanding. Here's how to make them one and the same.

Prayer #1: In Search of God and Self

Does prayer seems like a meaningless chore? Here is a fresh look at prayer and what it can do for you.

An Attitude of Gratitude: #2

When we are grateful for God's gifts, He only wants to give us more.

What is Prayer?

Prayer is not a half-hearted ritual recitation of words; it is an outpouring of the heart.

To Pray Or Not To Pray

The saying goes: "God giveth and God taketh away." Is it all random? Or is there a deep message that we can tap into for personal growth and actualization?

Winding Up God

Looking back, that raucous 1970s rock tune had it all wrong.

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