The Jewish Prince of Persia

The Shah of Iran's descendant tells his story from Jerusalem.

My New Hero

Just an ordinary guy…with an extraordinary story.

The Spiritual GPS

How to replace anger and negativity with feelings of joy and love.

Soul Shyne

The famous rapper tells of life in prison and thriving as a Jew.

My Mixed Jewish-Arab Identity

Making peace with my two lives.

A Leg to Stand On

At 13, Yitzy Haber decided to have his cancerous leg amputated. He's never looked back.

The Uninvited Guest

I was in excellent physical condition. I never smoked. How could I have lung cancer?

The Dry Cleaner Syndrome

A new definition for insanity.

The Jewish Wrestler

Greg Herman has stepped back in the ring.

The Test

If we practice being a good person we will become one.

My Son the Doctor-Murderer

Unconditional love and the holiday of Sukkot.

Failure to Appear

My petrifying experience in jail changed my life.


After taking another man's life, a petty criminal changes the direction of his life.

Preparing for Rosh Hashanah

The secret to an inspiring new year.

Getting High

The guru's special mantra would give him a constant high. But there was an unexpected catch.

Encounter in the Grand Canyon

I was running away from my Jewish identity. A stranger's reproach turned my world around.

I Am a Wall

The magic formula to giving others the support they need.

The Crushed Cake

For this group of fifth graders, the cake could not have tasted better.

Every Note Counts

Ever feel like nobody notices you? Think again.

No Magic Wand

I wanted faith without duties, a God that provided not only the cure but also the motivation.


I've lost my connection to the past, and no matter how much time passes, there is a crevice in my heart.

Our Landlord, the Rabbi

Renting Rabbi Shmuel Orenstein's NYC apartment changed our lives.

A Woman of Strength

Mrs. Rose Gibber taught me the importance of protecting the dignity of people, even an obnoxious kid like me.

Searching for My Lost Tribe

It never occurred to me that it was right under my nose.

Going, Going, Gone

Why I said goodbye to baseball.

Good Shabbos, Dad

Being raised as a rather non-religious Jew, I'm often asked what it's like to have orthodox parents.

Feeling God's Love

My brush with death opened my eyes to the reality of God’s love.

From Jesus to Judaism

A Jewish woman's journey through Christianity and back.

From Marx to Moses

Discovering a utopian world.

Touching Bedrock

Kirk Douglas reconnects with Judaism – deep underground.

In Search of a Kidney

What are the odds of winning the jackpot… twice?

Zacharia’s Beautiful Mystery

The worldwide release of a hot new CD – right here on

The Blue Mezuzah

Never underestimate the power of a grandmother's heartfelt prayer.

The Nazi and his Jewish Grandchildren

My father took a leading role in the slaughter of Jews. Was our family tainted with evil?

My Pasta Seder

It took a tragedy to trigger my crisis of atheism.

My Life's Miracle

A car accident almost left me paralyzed.

Gestating Miracles

How could something so joyous be draped in such fear?

Jews Don't Bow

Little did I know that the source of my chutzpah reached back thousands of years, to Mordechai.

Modern Miracles

Coincidence is God's way of choosing to remain anonymous.

Distorted Mirrors

When food becomes a lethal weapon.

Escape from Flatland

How to access the spiritual dimension.

The Truth about Lemons

My father is sick and I'm completely powerless. Now what?

Loving the Father I Hate

God didn't ask the impossible of me, only the incredibly difficult.'s Top 10 of the Decade

A look at some of the most popular articles and videos of the decade.

With Granny in Church

Amanda's Gran and I had shared a moment of understanding – not as friends, nor as adversaries, but as Jew and Gentile.

Chanukah Lights Dancing

Chanukah's tiny lights brazenly face the night's bitter challenge, transforming fear into a soft caress of hope.

Chanukah in Iowa

I was the only Jewish child in the auditorium, and sometimes felt I was the only Jewish girl in the entire world.

When It's Too Late to Say Thank You

Alzheimer's has turned my mother into a stranger.

The Jew from Kuwait

My Muslim background left me unprepared for this shocking discovery.

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