A Taste of Heaven

An incredible Jerusalem family brings the beauty of Shabbat to the world.

Losing My Brother

The death of my brother caused my little world to come crashing down.

Holy Chutzpah

Remembering Simcha Esther Gershan.

Ten Thousand to One

Through our child's cancer, we're learning that God is beyond all odds.

Holding God's Hand

Looking the Angel of Death in the eye and smiling.


Sukkot and Judaism's bailout plan.


In the non-kosher deli section, my father taught me that "If it feels good, do it" is a lie.

My Jewish Pride

All I knew about being Jewish was that we were anti-establishment.

Three Steps Back

On being a tourist in the land of the disabled.

A Place for the Light

Sometimes the wrong way gets you to the right destination.


My addiction to pornography. A cautionary true story. Reader discretion is advised.

Keep on Singing

Look carefully at the quiet miracles happening all around you.

The Sounds of Silence

Confronting the frightening reality of a hearing impairment.

The Maccabiah's Ripple Effect

For one Hungarian family, being Jewish was a curse. Then basketball changed everything.

Soul Existence

Attacked by a dog, a young girl starts questioning reality.

Losing Ben

A grieving grandfather, an overwhelmed father and wrestling with God.

When Cancer Came Knocking

Everyone dies, some sooner than later. It's how we choose to live our lives that matters.

The Making of a Capitalistic Pig

Growing up in the Soviet Union, I felt there was something shameful about being Jewish.

Kaddish with Oprah

Need a minyan? Nothing is too complicated for the Oprah show.

Sleepless in New Jersey

What if living out the dreams of your ancestors keeps you up at night?

The View from Heaven: An Interview with Rabbi Noah Weinberg, obm

A heavenly reporter’s discussion with Rabbi Weinberg about his unique perspective on the world, his legacy, and the Jewish People.

Ivy League Trap

It seemed like the right thing to do. But whose idea was it?

Queen Esther Cleans for Pesach

Something was missing, which turned out to be myself

My Wake-Up Call

I was like a wind-up toy going a mile a minute, until one day I fell off the table.

Pushing the Limit

Rivka Wiesenfeld was a selfless dynamo who used every ounce of energy to give to others.

My Father, The Alchemist

How did my father transform himself into gold?

Sudden Death

Like the Purim miracle, God's intervention turned our worst fears to joy.

German Mother, Jewish Son

One German mother's extraordinary response to the Holocaust.

Super Dreams

The amazing story of stock boy to superstar.

The Blind Son

Despite her doubts and fears, my mother had the courage to let her blind son take risks and explore the world.

The Jewish Fighting Spirit

On the front lines with an IDF rabbi.

Absent Fathers

My father's disloyalty undermined my relationship with God.

Top 10 Articles of 2008

Aish.com looks back at some of the most popular articles of the year.

Jewish Cheerleader in the Bible Belt

My evangelical coach made me discover what it means to be a Jew.

Blindness and Light

Lavi Greenspan lost his sight at age 26. The last thing he wants is for you to feel sorry for him.

A Detour through Rwanda

How volunteering in a remote part of the world profoundly impacted my Jewish identity.

Emergency Room

Yesterday I prayed for a clear head and a productive work day. Instead, my baby lost consciousness and stopped breathing.

The White Fedora

Our seemingly insignificant actions are part of a cosmic symphony.

Einstein's Regret

Despite time and space being relative, our ability to try is a constant.

What Else Is There?

Do I try to find the hidden meaning in my life at this moment or pretend that I'm free to give up?

My Neighbors, My Heroes, Part 2

People who do great things become great people.

Music of the Heart

Yona Yacobowicz transforms her turbulent life into song.

Searching for Superman

I knew I possessed super powers. I just had to sort through the baggage of a few generations to find them.

Early Existential Perceptions

Back on that lonely, star-filled night when I was eight years old, I felt that everything was rotten and nobody cared.

Let Go of the Mouse

An antidote for control freaks.

Rolling with the Punches

Ori Murray knew how to handle any punch that came his way, until life dealt him a blow he never expected.

When the World Stopped

Six large lessons from one small intestine.

The Curse

Little did I know that my professor's curse would turn into a blessing.

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