Define Perfect

One morning at school, my perfect bubble burst when I found bumps in my neck.

The Last Kindness

One night the hevra kadisha called. Despite my squeamishness, they needed my help.

Knockin' on Heaven's Door

My travels with Bob Dylan

Tom and Jerry and Me

Am I brave enough to believe?

A Holy Woman's Power

How can someone so great be so humble?

Finding the Poem Within

A young poet's search for spirituality and his desire to reach out to his dying mother lead him to places he could never have imagined.

Nothing Stands before Desire

Pushing open the closed door. A true story.

All for the Kids

Bradley Cohen is trekking across Israel to raise funds for needy children.

Queen Esther and the Nazis

I never doubted that the God who watched over my grandmother in Nazi Germany would watch over me as well.

The Catapult

Passover: Why redemptive things happen to good people.


What was the secret of her greatness?


Sometimes hitting rock bottom isn't enough.

A Kidney to Give

Why I donated my kidney to someone I didn't know.

Emerging from Anorexia

My daughter's journey from starvation to salvation

When Alzheimer's Hits Home

I knew taking care of my mother with Alzheimer's would not be easy, but I didn't realize it could also be so rewarding.

Eyes Wide Open

Our disabled son has taught me to embrace the simple and everyday beauty of life.

Chanukah in the Soviet Gulag

When the enemy answered "amen."

The Torah in Our Church

The amazing story of our church that en masse decided to convert to Judaism.

Rabbi Akiva's Optimism

How the Jewish People managed to persevere throughout the arduous centuries of exile.

The Possible Dream

Sometimes dreams come true. And sometimes the truth becomes a dream.

Two are Better than One

They had been married 62 years and there were no children. Every day she sat by his side, willing him to get better and come home.

The Horse in the Gate

Why you are never stuck.

Choosing to See

We don't need 20/20 vision to see God's hand in the world, or to feel His love.

A Kiss from Above

Don't wait for a near miss with a bus to realize that God is guiding your every step.

Buried Treasure

They like us in Poland, now that we're dead.

My Palace, My Sukkah

Every little girl dreams of being a queen in her own palace. One day in India, I tripped into my childhood fantasy.

Inspired Chicken Soup

Sometimes the way to a man's soul is through his stomach.

Stepping into the Sukkah

My unexpected portal into the rich spiritual world of Judaism.

An American Jew in Russia

All Jews have a still small voice inside of them that says, "I am a Jew."

This Year in Uman

What happens when a Jew who is a slave to creature comforts finds himself on Rosh Hashana in Uman, Ukraine, with 30,000 Chassidim and no hot running water?

A Tree Falls in Boro Park

After ten years, Jerusalem had yielded no career and no man. It was time to go to the city of intense dating.

More Holy Woman

In shark-infested waters, their only life raft was reassuring words.

Scavenging for Shells

Death is like a tsunami, threatening to sweep away everything in its path.

God and I

My conversion to Judaism.

Touching Death

My first experience helping to prepare the body of a deceased person for his funeral.

Letting My Hair Grow Again

As a cancer survivor, I wanted to wear a badge

Googling to God

My spiritual journey of a thousand miles began with a single click.

Deep Center

My kind of position. No pressure, no embarrassing errors, and no one gets hurt.

It's Not Me

Breaking out of our self-imposed confinements.

Next Year in Jerusalem, Conclusion

A groundbreaking chronicle of spiritual search, originally published in Rolling Stone magazine, April 1977.

My Six-Day War

When I first heard "the word" in my hometown.

Next Year in Jerusalem, Part 2

A groundbreaking chronicle of spiritual search, originally published in Rolling Stone magazine, April 1977.

Reservoir of Faith

The cancer could not stop her from caring for and inspiring others.

Seeing Clearly: A Blind Woman's Vision

The lessons of Passover embodied in one woman's life.

The Body, the Bridge, and the Black Hat

It all started with playing a dead body on an episode of one of the highest-rated series.

Who Will Save the Baby?

A yeshiva student's heroic choice.

A Super Bowl to Remember

God had some other plans for me that day besides watching TV and stuffing myself with popcorn.

Life after the Super Bowl

Football champion Alan Veingrad is still making all the right moves.


Batya Feigenbaum can barely walk, but she sure can soar.

In His Hands

How one man faced the ultimate moment of truth: life or death.

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