Cotton Candy Angels

Everything can change in an instant.

A Complete Healing

My deep resentment toward my mother was somehow tied to an infection that was killing her.

Now She Could Fill My Heart

How could I feel God's presence while crowded with cancer, ugliness and pain?

Even I'm Worthy of Miracles

A true story about the power of a blessing and modern day miracles.

The Human Touch

A letter jolted me out of my complacency, reminding me that real change is truly possible.

Loving Life

My great-grandma Bertha was amazing for many reasons, and not just because she lived life to the fullest for 106 years.

Sparks of Holiness, Rekindled

Descendants of forced converts of the Inquisition are rediscovering Judaism.

An Ordinary Woman

My friend Rivka was an ordinary woman. How did she become so great?

Growth Through Kaddish

After my father died, we continued to grow together.

Raising Yehuda

Becoming parents of a baby with Down's syndrome has forced us to reconsider our views on parenting and what it means to lead a meaningful life.

Lessons from the Coast of Nowhere

A young African child, whose family couldn't scrape together five dollars to keep him in school, has something most people lack.

Walking To Shul With My Dad

I was a three-day a year Jew who stopped by McDonalds on the way to the golf course every Saturday morning. Now I'm being called an observant Jew. What happened?

The Mystery of 1964

A child's shocking discovery of his father's painful past.

Praying With Angels

Hitching a holy express ride at the Western Wall.

Looking for Mr. Munk

There was something different about Mr. Munk's Hebrew school class -- Judaism was not a bore.

Final Boarding Call

Through life -- and death -- a young mother teaches us to appreciate the grand eternal plan.

Mikey's Song

Mikey's story is not one of terrible suffering, but of faith and triumph.

Feeling Beauty

Learning to see life through the eyes of a poet.

Pick Up the Phone

I hadn't thought much of Michael in the last three years. Until a few weeks ago when I heard that he had died of a sudden heart attack.

Suffering and Consolation: A Father's Perspective

My daughter's battle with leukemia taught me how to find consolation even in the midst of terrible pain.

A Member of the Club

Death has never been an infrequent occurrence. But I wasn't in the know.

My Rat's Tale

What my rat taught me about joy.

More Life to Live

Mr. Meyer had less than a 1% chance walking out of the hospital. But that was only according to science.

My Friend in Heaven

I could not believe her luck. She had a wheelchair, she was sick and to top it all off, she had been in the hospital with all those presents

In the Big Inning

The Florida Marlins were so much fun to watch because something came from nothing.

Divine Baseball Blooper

With his team's miraculous World Series performance on the field, one young man marvels at his own miraculous feat.

Growing Up Sisters

Decades of hurt and strain finally give way to understanding and reconciliation.

The Odd Couple

I used to think that Jewish unity meant all of us being the same. Naphtali showed me otherwise.

Determined to Live

How the Jewish people came together to save a special woman.

The Few, The Proud, The...Jewish?

I had indispensable training in becoming an observant Jew: the U.S. Marines.

Reservation Detour

A dramatic route to self-discovery includes a detour at Indian reservations in South Dakota.

The Royal Jew From Swaziland

An accidental encounter with Hebrew alters the destiny of an African prince.

Organic Radiation

Fighting cancer with a combination of sprouts, prayer and traditional medicine.

Jewish Life on an Aircraft Carrier

A Southern Baptist, en route to conversion, talks about God and life in the U.S. Navy.


The doctors told me my grandmother was essentially dead. But she seemed too feisty to just disappear into a coma. My instincts told me: Talk to her!

Protection in Tahoe

A surrealistic car crash triggers an uncanny string of events.

Marked for Eternity

A true "Jewish" story from the Titanic's ill-fated voyage.

Lessons From My Father

The most important life lessons I learned are ones that my father never actively tried to teach me. He simply lived them.

Serenity Lost and Found

Early morning in a birthing hospital, amid the joyous sound of a baby's first cry, my wife gave birth to silence.

My History, Validated

Something big had happened that I didn't want to know about. My history had shoved itself into my face, and I couldn't make it disappear.

Meeting God at Harvard

How did I get to be here at this exclusive WASPy garden party among the Kennedys and the Rockefellers? Then the answer hit me: by running away.

The Paperboy From Heaven

In the midst of the most sacred of my bachelor rituals – pizza and Monday Night Football – a knock on the door ended up changing my life.

Dear Mr. President

Sometimes great people do write back.

Not So Small Miracles

God is always communicating with us. Sometimes it takes a miracle for us to get the message.

Lights At The End Of The Tunnel

My personal struggles with infertility.

Victories of the Heart

A memoir of my mother's hardest battles.

Search and Recovery

A mother, whose son perished in the Twin Towers, searches for elusive "closure."

Football Victory: A Yom Kippur Story

Not all wins take place on the playing field.

9/11: One Year Later

How life has changed for one World Trade Center survivor.

My Thirst for Spirituality

My return to Judaism and the many detours along the way.

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