We fostered Sadie, our rescue dog, the day my wife, Ariella, came home from a relatively sophisticated foot surgery. It was probably not the best day to embark on a new foster relationship, but somehow, this fresh, rambunctious pitty-puppy sensed that Ariella was hurt and planted herself as a self-appointed-nursemaid by my wife’s side. For the next month, Sadie didn’t venture an inch out of Ariella’s reach. And so, our foster pitty became the very first Milobsky adoptee.

Since our sweet Sadie is a rescue, there’s a whole chapter of her life that we know absolutely nothing about. So every now and again, her reactions to certain circumstances (motivated by her past experiences, we can only assume) take us by surprise.

A few weeks ago, Ariella took Sadie to the vet for her first wellness visit. As Ariella approached the clinic, Sadie startled….and DARTED. Before Ariella could reinforce her hold of Sadie’s leash, the dog tore free, and vanished into the maze of office parks and apartment complexes behind the clinic.

Ariella spent hours combing the streets for Sadie. Local shelters, veterinary clinics and social media networks were all on the lookout for our sweet girl. As I came home, I joined our family search team. But to no avail; Sadie was nowhere to be found. More than eight hours passed, and no one had reported a single sighting.

Our daughter, Hadassah, recalls that night as a sob fest where, “Even my daddy was crying!” I will admit I was pretty choked up seeing my girls so upset that Sadie wasn’t home safe with her family. And I might be kind of fond of Sadie, myself.

Our beloved Sadie

The only one who retained their composure was Ariella. As bedtime passed and my girls were still howling for their snuggle buddy, Ariella comforted them and said: “There is a God who runs the world. We have done what we can do to find Sadie. If you want her to come home, don’t just cry to each other; cry to God. Ask Him to bring her home. He always answers our prayers. Sometimes His answer is a yes. And sometimes it is a no. But trust Him to give you the answer that is best for you! That is what you can do!”

And with tears in their eyes, my girls turned their wails into truly heartfelt prayers. Finally comforted, they fell asleep.

While I was touched by the remarkable sense of security Ariella’s unwavering faith offered our girls, a part of me questioned whether this approach would set our children up for disappointment – in the outcome, and ultimately, in God. As Ariella and I lay in bed that night, Ariella mentioned, “I hope we hear Sadie when she comes home so we can let her in.”

And that’s when I realized: Ariella wasn’t taking a gamble; she had lost her mind. Sadie had never been to this vet clinic before; it was miles from our home; and Ariella had driven her there. Ariella was convinced that Sadie would come knocking on our door in the middle of the night? And I had let her convince our sweet, gullible children that this delusion was reality?

As I lay in bed well after midnight, pondering my failure to recognize my wife’s apparent senselessness, I started to hear something bizarrely familiar. Something or someone was scratching at my front door.

My wife ran downstairs, and opened our door to a zooming puppy wildly dashing to lick each excited face! It was Sadie! And somehow, through the many miles of unfamiliar territory, she had navigated her way home, leash still intact.

“You see girls! I knew God would answer your cries! He loves you so much, He brought Sadie home to you.”

I watched in disbelief as my children returned to slumber; this time with Sadie snuggled under their covers. And I wondered exactly who it was who had lost their mind: my wife, for her unwavering, steadfast faith and commitment that has supported and comforted our children in the most extraordinary ways; or me, forever questioning it?