"Blessings," 2013-2014, acrylic on canvas, 50 x 79 cm.

Jacob called for his sons and said, "Come together, and I will tell you what will happen at the end of days. Gather and hear, sons of Jacob, and listen to your father Israel ... All these are the twelve tribes of Israel... He gave each one his own special blessing. (Genesis: 49:1-2, 28)

Jacob is on his deathbed, and his children gather around for his final words. He seems to be sitting up, supported by a darker figure; he himself is full of light. Light seeps out of the darkness as Jacob lifts his hands to bless his sons, the twelve tribes of Israel. He bestows upon them blessings which foretell the destiny of the Jewish People. The light of these blessings illuminates the darkness with golden hues, a poignant metaphor for the mission of the Children of Israel in their exile. The subtlety and gradation in the shadows represent each tribe's unique journey.