"Elevation Offering," 2014, acrylic on canvas, 122 x 100 cm.

And he [Moses] brought near the ram for the burnt offering ... he slaughtered [it], and dashed its blood on all sides of the Altar... Moses made the entire ram [go up in] smoke on the Altar as a burnt offering ... a fire offering to God. (Leviticus 8:18-21)

In this abstract expressionist rendition of the Olah (Elevation) offering, we see subtle hints of an animal going up in flames on the Altar. As the golden-tinged fire offering rises upwards into the blue sky, its material form is dissolved.

When an animal was offered up, the energy locked in its material form was released. The blood of the animal represents its life force. It is an analogy for the animal energy within man, which is offered up on the Altar of service to God. Man holds nothing back in this sacrifice. Everything completely belongs to God - the dedication of all one's energy, desire and passion.