The Talmud teaches us that three things broaden a person's perspective: - "a beautiful house, beautiful possessions, and a beautiful spouse" (Brachos 57b). If a person is capable of seeing the beauty and blessings around him, he will be aroused to see even more of the Almighty's gifts permeating his entire life.

It is interesting that throughout two of the three sections that discuss Abraham, God is continually in communication with him. However, in the third section, which begins with the death of his wife in this week's Torah portion, we no longer see God communicating with Abraham. One of the reasons given is that once his wife died, he lost the deepest blessing and love of his life, and even though he still had fame and fortune, so much of him was lost, resulting in his inability to be intimate with the Divine.

Interestingly, when his son, Isaac, married Rebecca "and loved her" (Gen. 24:67), all the blessings that Sarah had brought to Abraham came back into the world through Rebecca. To the extent a person sees, appreciates and loves the beauty around him, he will be blessed to see the Divine in his life.