"If you will keep my mitzvahs ... the land will yield its produce ... and I will give you rain" (Lev. 26:3). It's interesting that the Torah promises an abundance of material and physical blessings in exchange for following the Torah. Most of us would probably expect a promise of spiritual return such as the promise of Heaven, paradise, or eternal life.

Interestingly, the Torah never makes an explicit mention of life beyond this world. Perhaps what the Torah is teaching us is that we shouldn't think the world and all the blessings in it have nothing to do with a spiritual life. The idea behind this could be that the physical, material blessings are truly spiritual blessings in that they provide us with an opportunity to connect to the Divine.

The more we understand this, the greater is our opportunity to become a conduit for God's blessings. In fact, the Talmud expands on this and points out that we all have certain skills and talents, and should strive to share those talents with those around us. In doing so, we're taking the physical blessings we've been given and transforming them into an eternal spiritual connection with God.