1. What type of coin, mentioned in this parsha, is mentioned only one other time in the Torah (and where)?

Each person was expected to donate to the Tabernacle a beka of silver, the value of half a shekel (Exodus 38:26 with Rashi). In parshas Chayeh Sarah, when Eliezer gives gifts to Rivkah, the earring has the weight of a beka (Genesis 24:22 with Rashi).

2. Of all the precious metals collected for the Tabernacle, which had the largest amount?

Silver, with a tally of 100 (kikar) talents and 1,775 shekels, is collected in the greatest amount (Exodus 38:25).

3. What precious stone appears three times on the clothing of the High Priest?

The shoham stone is twice on the shoulder straps of the ephod (39:8), and also appears on the fourth row of the breastplate (choshen) (Exodus 39:13).

4. Which two of the 12 stones found on the breastplate (choshen) are mentioned elsewhere in the Torah - not in relation to the Tabernacle?

(1) The sapir stone is on the choshen (Exodus 39:11) and also mentioned in parshas Mishpatim as the vision the elders saw at Mount Sinai (Exodus 24:10). (2) The shoham stone which is on both the choshen (39:13) and the straps of the ephod (35:9) also appears in parshas Bereishis when describing the rivers flowing from the Garden of Eden (Genesis 2:12).

5. Where in this parsha are bells mentioned?

"Golden bells" appear on the bottom of the robe (me'il) worn by the High Priest (Exodus 39:25).

6. In what context is fire mentioned, in both parshas Vayekhel and parshas Pekudei?

Fire is mentioned at the beginning of Vayekhel with regards to keeping Shabbat (Exodus 35:3), and in the last verse of Pekudei regarding the pillar of fire that led the Jewish people through the desert at night (Exodus 40:38).

From "Rabbi Moshe Atik's Torah Teasers" https://www.amazon.com/dp/1463791623/friendsofaishhat