Everyone was really excited. God had rescued the Jewish people from their slavery in Egypt, and they were finally free. But now that they had left Egypt they were wandering in the big empty desert. What were they going to eat? They went to sleep worried, but in the morning, when they woke up, they saw an amazing sight. The whole desert was covered with manna, a miraculous food from heaven. All they had to do was gather it up and it was delicious and ready to eat. God told Moses to tell everyone to take only enough that they would really need for that day, because tomorrow He would send more.

Some people did as they were told, but others didn't listen and rushed to grab as much as they could. But when they got back to their tents, they found that they all had exactly the same amount! Just what they needed for that day. God made a big miracle to teach people to trust Him and know that they don't have to grab to get what's coming to them.


In this story, two rock fans learn the lesson of the manna, that pushing isn't always the best way to get ahead.


Fried Bananas were coming to town!

With three songs in the top ten, Bananas were the hottest rock band in the country. And they were going to play a show in Ronnie's home town!

Everyone had rushed to buy tickets as soon as they went on sale, and people were pushing and shoving in line to try to get one before they sold out.

"I don't think it's right," Ronnie told his sister, Liz, as they stood in line. "Why should we push and shove like animals to get a ticket? Everyone's going to get what's coming to him in the end, anyway."

"But if we don't push we won't get anywhere!" answered Liz. "We can't just stand here and let everyone else get ahead of us. You can do what you want, but I want to see the show." And Liz started pushing to get ahead.

Ronnie stayed patiently in line.

Later that day, back at home Ronnie asked Liz, "How did you do?"

"No luck," said Liz. "By the time I pushed my way to the front they were sold out! I guess neither of us is going to see Fried Bananas this year," she sighed.

"What do you mean?" said Ronnie, as he held up a front row ticket.

"But ... what ... how ... did you do that?" stuttered Liz.

"Well," Ronnie said, "By the time I finally got to the front of the line, almost everyone had gone away empty-handed. But just as I got to the ticket window, they found a few tickets they forgot to sell. So like I said, in the end everyone gets what's coming to him."


Ages 3-5

Q. Did Ronnie want to push to get ahead on line?
A. No, he didn't think it was right.

Q. How did Ronnie feel when he got a ticket to the show even though he didn't push?
A. He felt good because he didn't have to act bad to get what he wanted.

Age 6-9

Q. Why did Liz think that if she didn't get a ticket, neither did Ronnie?
A. Because she pushed and he didn't. But in the end, Ronnie acted the right way and he got the ticket. Pushing doesn't always make you get ahead.

Q. What would you do if you got on a bus the same time as someone else, and there was only one seat left? Why?

Age 10-13

Q. Sometimes we really push for something, and it just doesn't happen. Other times we get what we want almost without trying. Why do you think that is?

Q. Ronnie said, "In the end everyone gets what's coming to them." Do you agree? Why or why not?