GOOD MORNING!  Last week Rabbi Zelig Pliskin spoke on "Joy -- How to Energize Your Life" to a crowd of 400 people in Miami. Said one attendee, "He spoke with so much energy that he was electrifying." For those who weren't fortunate to be in the audience, I wish to share with you:


  1. I am a worthwhile person created in the image of the Creator.

  2. My Creator loves me and wants me to be a joyous person.

  3. I have the ability to choose joy and I choose to be a joyous person.

  4. I have the ability to choose what I focus on and I will choose to focus on the joy of appreciating what I have.

  5. I choose my evaluations and I will evaluate each situation in a way that either gives me joy or allows me to improve a trait.

  6. I choose to feel joy when I do good deeds, which is fulfilling the will of the Creator. I am dedicated to doing good in my life and this gives me joy.

  7. I will take action to correct all the wrongs that I have done and that I can correct. This enables me to feel joy.

  8. I will enjoy my encounters with other people. Each encounter gives me the opportunity to do or say something kind.

  9. I will speak in a joyous way and spread joy to others.

The above principles are from Begin Again Now -- A Concise Encyclopedia of Strategies for Living From A to Y. It is a combination of psychological insight, Jewish wisdom and common sense to deal with problems, have a positive outlook and get the most out of life. Virtually any feeling, life problem or perspective that you have is clarified with practical wisdom for coping and change! It is available from your local Jewish book store or by calling toll-free 877-758-3242.

A person needs joy in life to live. It energizes and gives strength. A teacher of mine once advised that every person needs to have a warehouse of joy. In the good times, he makes deposits in the warehouse. When there are tough times, he can go to the warehouse and make withdrawals.

How does this work? In difficult times a person goes back and relives joyous moments in his life. Whenever you relive a joyous moment you are filled with the excitement and ecstasy of those events.

Torah Portion of the Week

This week's portion includes further job instructions for the Levites. Moshe is instructed to purify the camp in preparation for the dedication of the Mishkan, the Portable Sanctuary.

Then four laws relating to the Kohanim are given. The Mishkan was erected and dedicated on the first of Nissan in the second year after the Exodus. The leaders of each tribe jointly gave wagons and oxen to transport the Mishkan. Then on each of the twelve days of celebration and dedication of the Mishkan, successively each head of a Tribe gave gifts of gold and silver vessels, sacrificial animals and meal offerings for use in the Mishkan.


Dvar Torah
based on Growth Through Torah by Rabbi Zelig Pliskin

The Torah tells the Kohanim to bless the Jewish people. The blessing begins with "May the L-rd bless you and keep you." (Numbers 6:24) Why are the Jewish people blessed in the singular?

Rabbi Moshe Leib of Sassov explains that this is to teach us that the greatest blessing is that of unity. When we feel as if we are one unit, with togetherness, then we are truly blessed -- and we feel that blessing.

It is easy to focus on the differences among people and to consider yourself as separate from others. Truly no two people are exactly alike. However, there are many common factors among people. By focusing on the fact that every human being is created in the image of the Almighty, you will have greater identification with others and this will lead to greater unity.


Jerusalem 7:07   Miami 7:56  New York 8:12
L.A. 7:48  Hong Kong 6:49  Singapore 6:53
Guatemala  6:14  Honolulu   6:56  J'Burg 5:04
Melbourne 4:49  Moscow 8:57  London 9:01
Atlanta 8:33  Toronto 8:45


A clue for good communication --
"listen" and "silent" have the same letters.

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Mazal Tov
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