Right Where You're Supposed to Be: This Really Happened

Sometimes your actions are instrumental in ways you're completely unaware of.

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The following true story happened late one Friday afternoon back in June, when the hotline rang at Chaverim, the amazing volunteer organization that helps Jews in difficult urgent situations. Pinny Yeger was calling: “I’ve got a flat tire and I’m stuck. Is there any way someone can come and fix it?”

Berel, the Chaverim volunteer, imagined a young man stuck on the highway. “Yes of course,” said Berel. “Where’s the car?”

“It’s in my Driveway on E. 18th street,” said Pinny.

Berel replied, “Since it’s right before Shabbat, why don’t you just leave the car where it is, and I’ll come after Shabbat to help you.”

“That won’t work,” said Pinny. “I'm a volunteer emergency first responder at Hatzalah. I might have an emergency over Shabbat so I need to be able to use my car.”

“Got it," Berel said. "I'll be there in 5 minutes.”

Within minutes, Berel was at Pinny’s house. He quickly changed the tire and drove home to get ready for Shabbat.

Several hours later Berel was sitting with his family at the Shabbat dinner table when suddenly his mother in law started blanking out. She became incoherent and collapsed. They called Hatzalah and in less than two minutes, the emergency vehicle was in front of their home. And who do you think was the driver? Pinny! They sped to the hospital in the car whose tire Berel had changed just hours before. Pinny saved the life of Berel’s mother-in-law because Pinny, who was the closest Hatzalah member to the scene of the collapse, was able to get to the hospital without delay.

In the morning one of the blessings Jews recite is “Hameichin mitzadei gaver”- we thank God for guiding our footsteps in the right direction. Sometimes we find ourselves in places we didn't expect to be; like Berel found himself at Pinny’s home minutes before Shabbat began. Little did Berel know that he was helping the very person who would save his family member hours later.

We don't need such a dramatic occurrence to express our gratitude to the Almighty every day for helping direct us towards meaningful opportunities and life’s greatest blessings.

Comments (5)

(3) Dvirah, January 18, 2021 8:10 PM

True for Sure, Even for the Trivial

I find all the family's lost small items by stepping on them (Ouch!). And repeat this prayer to myself each time.

(2) MICHAEL A WILKS, January 18, 2021 6:04 PM

We don't need such dramatic occurrences

Well done for the last line of your video: "We don't need such dramatic occurrences.. " etc. That is the whole point of this video, isn't it?

(1) Bonnie, January 17, 2021 8:45 PM

In less than two minutes.......?

In less than two minutes the emergency vehicle was in front of their home?.............this is hard to comprehend? Two Minutes? He must of meant "within minutes the emergency was in front of their house" A little exaggeration ? I also, do the same....cause, I guess I'm excited to relate a true story where God intervenes . I love Aish.com....just a minor correction........ We are all vulnerable....not to say an angel of God could be there in two minutes. Shalom, I pray for the peace of Jerusalem

Yaakov, January 17, 2021 9:27 PM

Hatzala Is amazing

Hello, just to comment- you may not be in a city where there is hatzala emergency services, but in The tri-state area the hatzal is unbelievably efficient. There are hatzala volunteers who live on many many blocks ( they come in Their own cars)and I’ve seen hatzala come in one or two minutes. An amazing organization!

Bonnie, January 18, 2021 3:49 AM

In less than ..........two minutes? Yes...it is possible.

My humble apology .....after making a research I am finding out it is possible to be at an emergency within 90 seconds to 3 minutes with Hatzalat emergency crew. I'm thankful someone caught my error and was kind enough to reply to my comment . Wow, this is almost beyond belief yet , I see it is very possible after watching you tube. Maybe these comments will make a believer out of doubtful people such as I. Again my humbless apologies to this author and all who may read these comments. Some good will come out of this valuable lesson .It was an oversight on my part . Aish com puts out helpful material, which I enjoy , learn, and allows us to have freedom of speech without condemning us. ... it is done in a very mild, tackful way .....without revenge.........this is why I love this site. Shalom, I pray for the peace of Jerusalem. Thank you!


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