Raid on Entebbe

The most daring hostage rescue in Israel’s history told like never before.

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(15) dikeledi, December 24, 2015 9:29 AM

and thus began my passion for israel

I remember watching the movie 'rise and fall of Idi Amin' when I was 12 years old and the ente be raid remains my miracle moment from the movie.

(14) Anonymous, July 9, 2015 6:25 PM

Great clip, great story but why is there no mention of G-d?

The clip is great, the animation excellent and the information accurate, but why no mention of the Divine Providence and miracles which made the mission such an incredible success?

(13) Chana Miriam Zelasko, July 9, 2015 4:17 PM


The date of the hijacking and my aliyah was June 27, 1976, and not as I had previously written.

(12) Karen Willis, July 9, 2015 3:55 PM

Watching it on the News

I watched the whole thing played out in the News in America. Then the movie came out. I saw the wounded soldiers and dead being taken off the plane as the hostages were coming off the plane. and one man looked over at the brave men who rescued them and gave so much to save them. God was with them that day. I know much of the story was left out by the news and movie and I wish I knew the whole thing but nothing can take away that G-D was with all. Much love to all.

(11) Chana Miriam Zelasko, July 9, 2015 8:57 AM

I remember

I was born in '49 in Phila., Pa. I grew up dreaming of the date "July 4, 1976" (the date of the Bicentennial, the 200th anniversary of the Dec. Of Independence), and how it would be celebrated. But Hashem had other plans for me. I became religious in 1974, and made aliyah in 1976. My aliyah date was set for June 25th, 1976, the exact day of the Entebbe hijacking.
Many people asked me how I could leave Phila. a week before the Bicentennial, but I was sure of my decision. And little did I know how clear that decision would be. On June 25th I was in the plane on my way to Israel. In fact, I heard about the hijacking for the first time in the plane. After I landed, the hijacking was the main thing people were talking about.
One week later was July 4th, the date of the miraculous rescue, which totally upstaged the Phila. Bicentennial! Baruch Hashem that I was zoche to be living in Israel at the time of this miraculous event.

(10) Anonymous, July 9, 2015 3:57 AM

Fearless Heroes

The Israelis are true Heroes.Thank You Yoni

(9) Anonymous, July 8, 2015 1:37 PM

There is only one word to describe the Entebbe rescue- miraculous. It just blows the mind. Hinei Lo Yanum V'Lo Yishan Shomer Yisrael.

(8) Kathleen Dahnke NOTTESTAD, July 8, 2015 12:40 PM

There but for the grace of God go I

This was an awesome storie of good vs evil. in World War 2 my father served in the US Army. He told stories of times he had lived through - on one occasion they were fired upon & dove for a deep ditch - three men in a row being fired on - the one man wanted to be next to his buddy & while crawling over my father a shell dropped & killed this man - if he had Not been where he was my Father would have perished - I knew as a child that my Father must have been spared for God needed him for something special - he earned a bronze star & was considered for the silver too. I am so proud of who my father was - a caring man - honest, hard working, proud & always had a kind word for others.

(7) RAVI DAVID PANDIAN, July 8, 2015 9:50 AM

Long Live Israel!

May God bless Israel,He will live forever.

(6) h.martin, July 8, 2015 2:11 AM

rest in peace joni

only our israelie army could have done this reacue

(5) Carole Kohen, July 8, 2015 12:50 AM

Love the video, how about one about the Night of the Bridges?

I love this story. It reminds me of another great episode in Israeli military history: The Night of the Bridges (Operation Markolet, מבצע מרכולת)- a Palmach operation executed on the night of 16 June 1946 in British Mandatory Palestine. The aim of the operation was to destroy eight bridges linking Palestine to the neighbouring countries of Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, and Egypt, in order to suspend the transportation routes used by the British Army. Only one operation failed: the Palmach suffered 14 killed and 5 injured at the Nahal Akhziv bridges. The other operations succeeded without injuries. Another 50 diversional operations were carried out throughout the country to keep the primary military objectives secret.
There is a monument to the 14 Palmachim who fell that night, at the Achziv Bridges, close to Kibbutz Gesher Ha-Ziv.
May the IDF always be daring and brave- l'dor va-dor.

(4) Helene, July 7, 2015 5:28 PM

I wish we had Bibi and that kind of leadership instead of what we have

(3) Peter Pachecos, July 7, 2015 4:04 PM

I was there!

The Entebbe Raid: A Local Perspective

(2) Ezra, July 7, 2015 3:31 PM

Excellent and inspiring video

Well done and executed video describing the Entebbe rescue. May God bless Yoni Netanyahu and the Israel commandos who have their given their all for the safety of Israel and the Jewish people. They are the only ones who stand between anti Semitic murdering terrorists and defenseless Jews world-wide.

(1) Faith McDonnell, July 7, 2015 3:26 PM

Terrific animation of Operation Thunderbolt

A great way of looking at one of the bravest, most brilliantly strategic military operations/rescues of all time! Makes you think about what a country can do to get rid of evil...if it has the will to do it. G-D give the U.S. that kind of will again!


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