An Open Letter to Critics of Israel

Must-see video if you or somebody you know is critical of Israel.

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(49) Ellen, September 2, 2014 7:03 AM

The problem is that all too many "critics" of Israel

actually believe it has no right to exist -- that it "stole" "Palestinian" land, that it is a racist and apartheld state and that it manipulates the world. They are not interested in learning both side of the issue since they appear to accept the old stereotype of the Jew as the nasty, hook-nosed manipulator of poor innocent gentiles incapable of standing up to the "evil Jews". Even as Hezbollah and IS are devouring entire communities in Iraq and Syria for not being Muslim, they still cannot make the connection between Islamic jihad organizations such as Hamas, Is, Al Nusra and the PA with the any of the problems that Israel must contend with. In fact, most people in the world would like nothing better than to see Israel annihilated.

Anonymous, September 7, 2014 3:45 PM

The majority of the world is ripe for condemnation.

If it is a truth that most of the world would like to see Israel annihilated ....then most of the world are walking on thin ice and is due for condemnation and the consequences of that.

(48) Anonymous, August 25, 2014 4:54 PM

Evil must not just be condemned – it must be confronted and conquered

Moral outrage is not enough. Peace is the preferred action but as a God fearing Christian, I support the actions of Israel History has taught us that appeasement and moral outrage are not enough--Take a stand & take action.

(47) Sheila Novitz, August 14, 2014 4:25 PM

Send them to everyone you know

Thank you for these remarkably well done videos. It is up to us to disseminate these films to as many gentiles as we can, regardless of what they may think of us or say about us. I am covering my head as protection, while I send, send, send. If even one person watches and hears, it is better than nothing.

(46) Anonymous, August 6, 2014 7:12 PM

Lets say it like it is. OBAMA hates Israel. The first US president who treats an allay like an enemy. I feel sorry for the Americans because they did not know what mess they were getting into when the elected him. Sorry United States friends ! Hope you guys do better at your next elections.

(45) Janet M. Viggiani, August 5, 2014 9:38 AM

Shalom Israel I am ashamed of my government- but not the people of America - most of whom pray for you everyday. You WILL prevail Israel!! I only wish my cowardly president would step forward and help eradicate those horrible terrorists; instead of berating you for defending all that is good. I am a 70 year old Christian woman who deeply regrets that I am not young enough to come to your beautiful country to help fight against the evil. God has forever blessed you all.

(44) C.B.Wells, August 1, 2014 6:33 AM

Shalom Israel !

Shalom Israel. Great is your God from everlasting to everlasting.
From the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago,West Indies.

ian senior, August 1, 2014 8:46 PM


From another person in T&T as well. Shalom and the very best wishes Israel

(43) Marny, August 1, 2014 2:19 AM

What France believes

From article:

"... The French LDJ denies breaking laws, but it takes inspiration from the far-right Jewish Defense League, labelled a terrorist organisation by the United States' FBI in 2001. ..."

Even here in the USA Jews have to be aware. Remember: Never Again starts with each and every Jew.

(42) Bill, July 31, 2014 11:34 PM

The truth will set you free...

Most Americans in the United States stand with Israel our only true friend and ally in the Middle East. It is a shame and an embarrassment for Americans to hear how our Secretary of State John Kerry. Many Americans cannot believe or understand how he can be so negative in support of Israel, but when you look at the whole administration you can begin to understand.
Along with millions of Americans and Christians around the world I pray that Israel understands that we stand with you and support your fight for survival. We understand that you must do what you have to do, to save your country and your families.
I hope and pray that some day soon, the ugliness and division that survives today between the United States government and Israel will be no longer. For we are a Christian nation, and we believe in the One True G-d, not our government as it is today.
Many wish we had a strong leader, and a foreign policy that would be supported of our allies around the world, instead of terrorist organizations.
Guess I have written enough, but my prayers are with you, Israel and my prayers for your protection, for you are truly the chosen people of our Lord and in the Holy Land that He promised.
Shalom Israel, from the United States of America.

(41) Cristela, July 31, 2014 8:25 PM

I can't understand the world we live in. I find it frightening and appalling that instead of coming to the defense of Israel for defending its own citizens, other countries (whose defense would consist of far more, if they were being constantly attacked in this manner) have reacted with such cowardice. Instead of coming to the the defense of Israel they act only to criticize. The world is such a twisted place that people would believe and defend a group such as Hamas. I mean that is what it means to defend Palestine. After all, the people of Palestine put Hamas in political power. I understand that the death of young children is unnerving to see and hear about. However, let's not forget who put those children in harms way. The fact that Israel has the ability to defend itself better against attacks should not diminish the fact that the rockets being sent over by Hamas endangers Israeli children, too. Not to mention why isn't the world more upset about the atrocities happening in other parts of the world. The death tolls and violence in places like Syria and Somalia are far more outrageous. Not to mention the fact that we don't really know how many Palestinians have died. The information regarding the numbers being reported to the UN comes from the Palestinian government, and, correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't the Palestinian government run by Hamas?! Therefore, it would behoove them to skew those numbers to gain sympathy from the world. Would it not? Not to say that my heart doesn't go out to the parents of the children that have died. I myself am a parent and I can't imagine the pain of losing him. But it is these parents that empowered Hamas in Palestine. At this point I'm rambling because this issue makes me so upset. I fully support Israel and their right to defend themselves. I only wish that President Obama weren't the coward that he has turned out to be. As an American, I find his attitude toward Israel embarrassing and cowardly.

(40) Anonymous, July 30, 2014 12:15 PM

Hammas is totally responsible for destruction and killing of innocent men, women and children in Gazza. hammas is using human shield. Despite warning by Jews army to evacuate civilian, Hammas decline to evacuate civilian. This is painful and heart rending. Khalid Mishal gave press interview that we can not coexist with occupier, yes, true but it is now 68 years that JEWES came here to settle from central Europe. How long Palestanian go on fighting, try to reconcile and coexist peacefully like human being. I have listen Israilee ambasador to UNO, his discloser is very startling. Hamas receiving fund from Arab and other muslim country but the fund goes on spending on purchase of mesile rather than to build school and and other amenities for the Ghaza resident. Indeed Hamas is terrorist organization.

(39) Amos, July 29, 2014 11:44 PM

Israel has an obligation to protect itself.

(38) pieter moelich, July 29, 2014 7:54 PM

I support Israel in their war with Hamas

I fully support Israel in their war with the Palestines and Hamas. I wish we in South Africa can show our support for Israel with mass demonstrations in the streets of Cape Town.

(37) Anonymous, July 28, 2014 12:32 PM


I'm very happy with the website

(36) Mark, July 28, 2014 1:12 AM

Baruch Yisrael

HaShem, may your enemies be turned to dust and scattered in the wind.
Shalom u'vrachot Yisrael

(35) Kathy, July 27, 2014 8:08 PM

Great Video

Long live Israel from a Christian in Virginia Beach, Virginia !! Prayers daily.

(34) EL, July 27, 2014 6:12 PM

Media Bias

What other country on earth would be attacked by rocket fire and just sit back and allow it? What did the USA do after 9/11? Just sit back and allow people to attack USA? If Canada were threatened with rockets harming Canadian Citizens I highly doubt the world would sit back and ask Canada to just allow the attacks. Why is everything in the media biased against Israel. There are consequences when we attack people. I love Israel and pray they destroy this terrorism called Hamas!! God Bless Israel

(33) Patrick Maher, July 27, 2014 4:49 PM

Hamas and Palestine

If I was President of Israel and in charge --- Palestine and the Hamas would be wiped out. They have been at this as long as I can remember and I am 74 years old.. They have only one goal and that is to destroy Israel. It is not about land or return of prisoners it about destroying the Jewish nation of Israel

David, July 28, 2014 4:52 PM

No such country as "Palestine"

Mr. Maher,

One thing you are better positioned than so many of us here to know is that there never was a Palestinian people. "Palestinian" is a pre-1948 epithet Arabs used in reference to Jews. No nation other than Israel ever established a national homeland in Israel; the land was merely a colonial outpost for a series of illegal conquerors. The preposterous notion that justice can be restored by dividing up Jerusalem to make a capital city for Arabs of Arabian descent in the Jews' Jewish capital is so preposterous.

Deborah, July 29, 2014 1:25 PM


You say you would wipe out Palestine? Isn't that the same kind of language used in Nazi Germany with regards to the Jews?

(32) Blessing, July 27, 2014 4:19 PM

Support for Israel

I am proud and not ashamed to support Israel. Long live Israel from The Gambia

(31) Anonymous, July 27, 2014 6:03 AM

I support Isreal in total if they can completely annihilate Hama & Hezbollah once so that the cycle of violence will end

Anonymous, July 28, 2014 4:59 PM

Israel is not in the "annihilation" business, and never has been

Israel has always stated it wanted to live side by side in peaceful coexistence with Arabs, and it has always walked that walk--giving full equal rights to Arab citizens of Israel and surrendering territory to Arabs in serially dishonored land-for-peace exchanges.

The 2 million Arabs of Gaza, though they support terrorism, are in no danger of annihilation--only 1,000 of them have perished even as Israel's millions of civilians hunker in bomb shelters while Gaza rains rockets on Israel. Israel will never try to wipe out a population.

That said, the PA Arabs have taken every step they could have to demonstrate an abiding refusal to let Israelis live in peace. They voted for Hamas, which calls in its charter for Israel's unconditional, violent destruction. At some point it's going to become obvious that those Arabs are going to have to be relocated to a position where their survival doesn't threaten Israelis'.

(30) Linda Anderson, July 27, 2014 1:58 AM

Great video. I pray for Israel and the IDF. Unbiased news coverage would help the situation. Our community held a prayer service on Thursday.

(29) Yehudith Shraga, July 27, 2014 12:34 AM

War Crime is performed by Hamas towards Israel and their own people.

Hamas militants are attempting to negotiate a new arms deal with North Korea for missiles and communications equipment that will allow them to maintain their offensive against Israel, according to Western security sources.

Security officials say the deal between Hamas and North Korea is worth hundreds of thousands of dollars and is being handled by a Lebanese-based trading company with close ties to the militant Palestinian organisation based in east Beirut.

Hamas officials are believed to have already made an initial cash down payment to secure the deal, and are now hoping that North Korea will soon begin shipping extra supplies of weapons to Gaza.

THIS IS THE HAMAS THAT TALKS ABOUT: lifting the siege on Gaza, opening the border crossings, and [for Palestinians in Gaza] to have free access to the world having their own port and an airport.

HAMAS complains about lack of humanitarian solution while there is a blockade on Gaza, where they do not have medicine, essential needs, and reconstruction materials entering Gaza.


If the world choose keeping blaming Israel and does not stop Hamas, if the West Bank and Israeli Arabs choose supporting Hamas instead of doing everything to stop the murderers of their own people, if the critics of Israel do not take part in stopping the Hamas in their plan of annihilate the People of Israel, we may assure them, that the HELP TO ISRAEL WILL COME FROM ABOVE AND THE TRUTH WILL BE AS EVIDENT AS DAY LIGHT, BUT THEIR CHANCE TO HAVE A PART IN THE WORLD TO COME WILL BE LOST AS THEY ARE ALREADY LOOSING THEIR PURPOSE IN LIFE TO THEIR EGO.

(28) Rebecca, July 26, 2014 11:11 AM

We have to speak up!

Like most of us, I, too, have come across with critics of Israel. We should all be very well informed, so that we can defend Israel, and make them (critics) understand how wrong they are. Unless, of course, they are purely anti-Semites. So, we must all speak up for Israel.

(27) Bill Dodd, July 25, 2014 9:16 PM

We need more videos like this one. CNN news is not show us anything that is going on over there but what Obama what us to see. So please, somehow get more videos out so people can see just what IS going on in Israel right now! Thanks-much! Bill. 7/25/14 @ 5:17pm.

(26) Barbara Alvis, July 25, 2014 5:33 PM

I agree with everything on your video

I totally support Israel and write regularly to the BBC complaining of biased reporting. I am prepared to do everything I can to continue to support Israel in tackling unacceptable rocket attacks by Hamas. We support humanitarian organisations here and in Israel.

(25) abe, July 25, 2014 2:45 PM


the reason for the critics are because those critical of israel wish they could be as
loved and blessed by g-d as jews are , have always been, and always will be..

(24) Alterebbe1, July 25, 2014 2:28 PM

Deja Vu

Karl Marx said history repeats itself on a higher level, and this is exactly what I feel now, with antisemitic attacks in different European cities, the cowardly silence of the US and European mainstream media. Just read a never published diary of a holocaust survival,( given to me by her daughter) which reflected the same feeling of abandonment by the so called " civilzed" world ,about 70 years ago. BTW the video is great.

(23) Anonymous, July 25, 2014 9:41 AM

israel should continue attack on palestine . until hamas completely destroy.kill palestine. we indian are with you. go and attack palestine

Anonymous, July 28, 2014 5:03 PM

Only two problems with your comment

First, Palestine is the historical Roman name of Israel. Israel would not want to attack herself! Please note that as recently as a half-century ago, "Palestinian" was the epithet Arabs used to refer to Jews. The Arabs' invention of an ancient Palestinian homeland in Israel is recent.

Second, Israel doesn't wish to attack anyone. She is forced to respond to Gazan terrorism, but would prefer peaceful coexistence to counterterror ops.

(22) H.J.Tuinman, July 25, 2014 9:17 AM

I hope that someday the eyes of the world get open,to see what realy is going on
We pray for you people of Israel
Bless you from Holland

(21) Yehudith Shraga, July 25, 2014 2:42 AM

Some facts about the critics of Israel

A senior intelligence officer said recently during a conference call to journalists that while Hamas tactics haven’t changed much in the recent rounds of fighting, its weaponry has. He spoke of advanced, Russian-made antitank missiles, some specifically made for urban fighting such as the RPG-29. Lt. Col. Peter Lerner added that there has been “an antitank missile component” in every Hamas attack on Israeli troops thus far in Gaza.
Khamenei: Keep arming Palestinians until Israel is destroyed...Khamenei clarified that “the destruction of the Zionist regime does not mean the annihilation of the Jewish people in that region.“Allah willing,” the day of destruction would come soon, he said. But “so long as this false regime is on its feet – what is the solution?” he asked. “The solution is total armed resistance against this regime… Therefore, it is my belief that the West Bank should be armed just like Gaza. Anyone who cares about the fate of Palestine, and who is capable of doing something, should provide arms to the people (of the West Bank) too,” said Khamenei.
Us Federal Aviation Administration's decision to forbid flights to Israel had no substantive professional basis; yet the administration made no effort to halt the directive, and may even have encouraged it.(I wonder, though what does FAA "think" about the flights in and over Ukraine?)
The Europe "civilized" ways of resolving the conflicts result in violent protests, anti-Semitic chants and attacks on Jewish synagogues in some of Europe’s largest cities:London, Paris, Berlin, Vienna, and Amsterdam. In Paris three Jewish owned businesses and several cars were set ablaze.Police attempted to hold back a mob intent on attacking two synagogues in the Paris suburb of Sarcelles, known as “little Jerusalem." In Germany, pro-Gaza protesters verbally attacked Israeli tourists in Berlin, reportedly chanting "gas the Jews".
Protest against Israel is legitimate. Nothing can justify such violence.

Yehudith Shraga, July 25, 2014 7:07 AM

More facts about the critics of Israel

The Islamic State group took over large parts of Iraq last month.Minorities, such as Christians and Shias, have been leaving Mosul after the group took control. It issued a decree last week ordering Christians to convert, pay a Christian tax, leave Mosul or face death. There is also the reports that Islamic State orders female circumcision.
CPJ has called on the Iranian government to release four detained journalists, three of whom it said had US-Iranian nationality.
Lebanon hit by string of violent incidents since Hezbollah declared involvement in neighbouring Syria's civil war.
Sahar Aziz,an associate professor at Texas A&M School of Law states that "Obama's misuse of his bully pulpit to lecture a captive audience of Muslims while disingenuously failing to acknowledge his administration's mass surveillance of their communities warranted the uproar.Hopefully, the event will also trigger a long overdue changing of the guard in Muslim leadership as a new generation of Muslim Americans come of age."(Terrorist HomegrownTraining Camps in the US are the Islamic training camps in America's back yard.)
Muslim terrorists kill dozens of Kenyans who fail Islam quiz.
ISIS MusBabar Ahmad, a British computer engineer portrayed by US prosecutors as a pioneer of cyber jihad, has been sentenced to 12.5 years in prison for channelling material support to Islamic terrorists could be released as early as next spring with good behavior...
Norway has long been threatened by Muslim extremists. Service said "Extreme Islamism is still the most serious terror threat against Norway."
The war in Nigeria involves an organization known “The Congregation of the People of Tradition for Proselytism and Jihad” and is popularly referred to as Boko Haram meaning bring an end to Western education, culture and sin.

Bill Barnes, July 25, 2014 8:27 AM

This world is VERY sick.

The arab community is very SICK.. They only say that they will destroy the Jewish people. Why ?? I personally think that the Jewish people should turn all of the sand in all of the arab states into GLASS !!!!!!!!!!!

(20) Margie Garrison, July 25, 2014 12:16 AM

I stand with Israel

Do not mess with God's people for He will bless them and protect them from all enemies. Thank you, Margie Garrison

(19) Victor, July 25, 2014 12:06 AM

agree but antisemite won't budge

I couldn't agree more with your excellent video. But anti-semites are anti-semites, and so Moslems and people like Neturei Karta will flout such videos as pro Israel propaganda. Israel has every right to live in peace. If Hamas would accept Israel's right to exist, Israel would welcome them with open arms. Instead these indigent people prefer to wallow in their misery. Such is the cost of hate.

(18) Ben, July 24, 2014 10:28 PM

Sorry to say...

Of course this video presentation is a worthy effort. It is good to point out the facts and to be reasonable.

However -

The critics of Israel do not care about being taken seriously.

They don't care about humanity or peace or justice or truth or the facts.

They are not motivated to reflection by pointing out their hypocrisy and double standard.

They just feel empowered to be critics and bullies and to belong to a mob.

And the prevailing mob, from every political and ideological direction, from past and present has a license to bash Jews, Israel, Zionism. In their hearts and minds, our real rights to life, liberty, self determination and a national homeland are secondary to the imaginary ones of our enemies.

Anonymous, July 26, 2014 2:37 PM


I believe different people would have different motivations even if some were more common.

Besides, hardly anyone will look at themselves as part of a "mob" even when going with the herd.

(17) Stephen Levin, July 24, 2014 9:46 PM

Excellent video

When will the world realize the gift they have been given in the
Jewish people, who have given the world more blessings than
they know. The one bright spot on the human dial.

(16) Alice, July 24, 2014 5:37 PM

Video is right on!

Bravo to the people who have put this video together. Israel haters are ignorant and ill informed. They are followers and anti-semites. Message to the Jews who are not Zionists: arabs don't care if you side with them or not, they hate you because you are Jewish and would not hesitate to kill you for the simple fact that you are a Jew. Wake up! May Hashem Bless Israel and our people. Am Israel Chai.

Donna, July 24, 2014 6:54 PM


This is spot on.

(15) ROBERT LEVINE, July 24, 2014 5:33 PM


The civilized Western World is the enemy of Hamas and its Master Iran. Israel is only this weeks battleground. WE ARE THE ENEMY. How many times should Israel fight this battle.?? Not only defeating this enemy in this particular war but destroying this enemies ability to make war is needed. Israel must destroy the infrastructure including the route and methods of bombs and rockets getting to Gaza Criminals. WE HAVE OFTEN MADE THE MISTAKE OF STOPPING SHORT OF DESTRUCTION. ONLY TO HAVE TO FIGHT THE SAME ENEMY AGAIN. Imagine how the world would have been if Patton.s plan to invade Russia had been implemented. Not following through is a missed opportunity like holding Patton back from attacking Russia and McArthur from invading China. Politically warranted Strategically a folly and loser of lives
The IDF will fight our enemy today in Gaza or we will fight our enemies

(14) Richard, July 24, 2014 4:58 PM

Defence of Israel

Israel is a sovereign nation just like any other nation it has the right to defend itself. Hamas is not a government, its a terriost organization bent on the destruction of a sovereign nation. What other organization or country has in its charter the destruction of Israel. Wake up America & the UN see who the real enemy to world peace is.

(13) Betty, July 24, 2014 4:41 PM

Important Video

If only this video could be played on CBS,NBC, and ABC in the states! Our wonderful United States is in trouble and their lack of support for Israel scares me! I completely support Israel and there are a lot of people that do, but those who don't now feel they have even more reason to hate Israel because of Gaza! Most that hate Israel also hate Christians and it is escalating all over the world! When I get anxious about it all, I just stop and remember who is in control and it's not them! It is God and He loves you and will stand beside you! God Bless Israel!! You are in my prayers many times a day! You are doing the right thing!

(12) Charlotte Merli, July 24, 2014 3:48 PM

Israel is an honorable country! The people who occupy Samaria and Judea have a terrorist org. governing if. Israel has no choice. She must protect her people and her country. Israel does the right thing. I will bless Israel!

(11) ignacio israel cruz-lara, July 24, 2014 3:24 PM

I disagree

as i a jew i disagree with your logic. u may justify killing civilians as a right of israel to defend itsef but its just an excuse for murder. yes hamas glamourizes dying for what they beieve but how different is that dying for israel and being buried on Mount Herztl as a hero.

i hate it when poeple ask me to explain israel's killing of civilians! as if i agree with it just because im a jew. not all jews are zionist and we certainly dont support murder, whether you think its justified or not.

jack fleischer, July 24, 2014 5:24 PM

u talk about logic. Israel aims and kills terrorists and sometimes unfortunately hurt or kill civilians. BUT what your 'logic' ignores is that hamas/terrorists INTENTIONALLY put civilians in harms way, i. e. storing ang firing rockets from hospitials, apartment buildings, schools, should not only explain but also defend Israel. AM YISRAEL CHAI

Yakov, July 24, 2014 5:47 PM

not a Zionist

You're a Jew but not a Zionist? Do you not believe that Israel is the Jewish homeland? If you don't believe in Zionism, i.e., that Israel is the Jewish homeland, as a Jew, where is the Jewish homeland?

Ben, July 24, 2014 6:20 PM

Keep an open mind. Because you are wrong.

You are wrong because you are not speaking as a Jew, even if you are one. Your response is a cowardly one designed to appease the enemies of the Jews. You can argue but if you are not a Zionist than you are not a Jew. Zionism by that name or another is a core requirement for being a full Jew.

Furthermore, nobody is murdering or justifying murder. If someone handed you a baby rigged with dynamite to blow up in 15 seconds, you would jolly well throw it off a cliff or a bridge if you could, and don't deny it. That is basically the situation.

Consider that the reason you can't explain Israel killing civilians is because you have not thought into the subject. Israel has no interest in murder or violence of any kind for that matter.

Jews are not obligated to die to save civilians used as human shields. That should be your response. If Israel wanted to end this is one day they could do it by killing 50,000 people, like Jordan did in the 70's. They are operating with magnifying glasses and tweezers t prevent civilian deaths, not that anyone appreciates it.

Hamas is forcing this choice, because they have no value for human life. The choice is now between Israeli civilians and Gaza civilians. It makes all the difference in the world who began these hostilities.

Yehudith Shraga, July 24, 2014 11:20 PM

Here in Israel we have the answers to all our critics.

32 lives are sacrificed by Israel to minimize the possible death toll in Gaza.It's unbelievable, that somebody would even think of such a level of taking into consideration the lives of enemy!
The world is created on Mercy and Justice.We could easily bomb all the places which are suspected of having tunnels and arm arsenal, still we've chosen the merciful way,first we find these places for sure, then we ask the citizens to leave and only then we destroy them.
Hamas knows that it's the Israeli way and they count on it for satisfying their blind bloody greed to kill the Israeli soldiers, we know it too, and still we've chosen the Mercy.
Killing the innocent Yeshiva students,shooting the rockets straight to the civilians and using their own civilians as means of their protection is the way Hamas has chosen, and it isn't the use of the Justice component of the creation. Hamas and other terrorist organizations are the EVIL system, which is also created by G-d for the humanity to have the freedom of choice.This evil system is also combined of two parts, which are limitless self pity and desire for merciless punishment of others, which we see through all the activity of Hamas, their presentation of the casualties to the world, which are completely their own fault and their calls for annihilation of the people of Israel.
Do you think that living abroad makes you a less desired target for their hatred, do you think your point of view makes any difference to Hamas or any other terrorist organization?
All they want is to HAVE an ENEMY TO KILL and to LIVE AT SOMEBODY'S EXPENSE, if the other nations think that these are Jews they hate, they make a great mistake, they are the cancer cells of the humanity and their purpose is to destroy the whole organism. You may learn the ways of treatment of the cancer in all medical textbooks, though be careful, for such "gentle" souls as yours, they may look as the instructions for murder.

Anonymous, July 27, 2014 3:04 PM

Israel does not kill civilians, Hamas does

You clearly do not know the facts.Israel warns the people of Gaza of incoming attacks through leaflets and phone calls. What enemy does that? Yet, Hamas does not allow it people to escape, and even beats them if they try. They want as much collateral damage as possible to show the world how "evil" Israel is. If the Hamas biggies were so concerned, they would not be in Qatar, drinking Mai Tais by the pool during Ramadan, they would be with their people. But, they DO NOT care about them. The more killed the better. This is after all, war, and while Israel does it's best to protect the civilians of Gaza, the old refrain goes "all's fair in love and war." By the way, you probably did not know, that all those tunnels were being built, so that Hamas could infiltrate into Israel on say, Rosh Hashshanah, for the mother of all terrorist attacks. Do you still think Israel should not defend itself, regardless?

Anonymous, July 28, 2014 5:11 PM

You're not making sense, but could do better

I think you ought to sit down and figure out what you think, before you try writing it.

You wrote "u may justify killing civilians as a right of israel to defend itsef but its just an excuse for murder".

As such, I cannot tell if in your heart of hearts you acknowledge Israel must respond to the rockets being fired from Arab hospitals at innocent Jews, or if you deny that Israeli citizens deserve to be defended from those attacks.

Do you identify with the Jews, or are you so estranged from them and their values that you think Arabs seeking to murder unsuspecting Jewish non-combatants deserve impunity?

I think your postings would be more coherent if you had clarity yourself on which of the two sides of each position you simultaneously advocate you really subscribe to.

(10) Jo-Ann Silverstein, July 24, 2014 3:22 PM

It seems to me is that the Palestinians are generally uneducated and taught to hate the Jews. Even the Koran has been watered down from their generations before them so much that they do not value this life but their deaths ! How warped can they be if they send their children to their deaths with joy ? The Jews are a peaceful culture. They bring light where there was darkness. Long live Israel. Jo-Ann Silverstein

(9) Katy Mc Dowell, July 24, 2014 3:19 PM

Corrupt critics are uninformed

Anyone who criticizes the country defending its citizens against barbaric terrorists should go live in one of these Middle Eastern countries and see the quality of life these poor souls are subjected to. When somebody is educated and has something to live for they would not resort to death and violence. My prayer is that victory would be given to Israel for democracy and they would not listen to any outside sources but stick with Torah, God and His purposes for He will defend you. Yahshua and Calev went into the promised land as they were not afraid and fight the battle that is necessary to and keep what God has given you. If you don't fight what kind of quality-of-life is left for people to have to live under terrorism in tyranny of hateful people that want to annihilate you. What the critics don't understand is that it's them next. This is Islam folks and they want to annihilate anyone he does not think like them ie., chopping off peoples hands, cutting off peoples heads they have absolutely no respect for human life. They will go to their own destruction. I believe this is part of the world's sanctification process as a corruption is reached too far of a level for Adonai to permit anymore this garbage. He is pure and holy and wants to bless and give life and abundance and did not get that land to the Israelis 2500 years to be destroyed. I believe this is Israel's biggest test in history and if they do not been to the ways of man and stick loyal to God they will be victorious but democracy always has its price. If Israel wasn't there that land would be nothing like it was when they inherited the mess when they got there by world vote not occupation! I pray you get every single one of these terrorist because if not them then it's you and I don't want them around! I don't see how anyone could align with such rotten behavior, Americans quickly forget 9/11 but most are with you. I'm praying for you Israel as you're not alone and we need you!

(8) Wendy Beth, July 24, 2014 3:09 PM

Hatred for the Jew and Israel is based on firmly-held, die-hard illogic. We did, however, have a week when, unaccountably, Israel's response to attempted wholesale murder and destruction was said to be correct. Now the world is turning back to its normal position: we are the aggressors, the murderers, the killers. I don't know why we bother justifying our right to existence. Let's just do what we have to do - and pray to God that He protect us..

(7) Jp., July 24, 2014 3:07 PM

A cease fire is really quite simple...Hamas just stops shooting rockets into Israel. It's not complicated.

(6) Steve Wenick, July 24, 2014 2:52 PM

Israel needs to exercise proportionality in its conflict with Hamas. Here is my formula of fair and sensible proportionality:
Israel should return fire targeting only to those locations where rockets were launched. She should not consider whether the firing originates from a control and command center, a military base, a school, a mosque, a hospital or an old age home.
Israel does not decide from whence the rockets are launched, as such she has no control of who Hamas employs as a shield for its launch sites. Consequently Israel should not engage in self-flagellation when responding to Hamas’s tactics because the kinds of losses are not her doing. The responsibility for the criminal actions of those hurling rockets at Israel, thus causing civilian casualties lies solely upon the shoulders of Hamas.
Israel aches for every innocent soul lost. Israel aches for her inability to control the planned collateral damage cynically devised by Hamas as a tactic to garner world sympathy. Israel aches for having to employ ‘realistic proportionality’ over surrender to a grotesque and spineless enemy in order to protect her loved ones.

(5) Keith, UK, July 24, 2014 2:48 PM


I agree 100% with the video..

BBC, Sky, ITV, Euronews, CNN and various others would do well to take note..

Keith, UK

(4) howrd yagerman, July 24, 2014 2:30 PM

The Brits of all People

Are there any still alive who remember the Nazi V2 rockets over London?For shame...

(3) Linda Walker, July 24, 2014 2:13 PM

I agree it is Israel right to defend themselves, May God
Bless and Protect you, Praying for The Peace of Jerusalem.

(2) Yehudith Shraga, July 24, 2014 11:40 AM

to Critics of Israel

There is nothing wrong in making critics, and we are sure there is a lot of things Israel should improve and correct in its inner and outer policy, but useful critics never comes out of hatred, it comes out of love.

All this bla-bla about the victims in Gaza has nothing to do with the love of the world to them, the world never cared about Gaza and its children, otherwise, why wouldn't they do any efforts to help this place to establish a normal way of life, a satisfactory level of education and building the economy for the normal functioning of this community. The Arab countries are ready to help them only for the Hamas to fulfill their terroristic purpose towards the Israel, nobody cares to speak about how many schools, hospitals, businesses, children's smiles are buried underground in the tunnels.
The world blames Israel, because it is the easiest way to get rid of the shame they feel for their indifference and lack of responsibility to the Gaza community, they are ashamed to recognize that their indifference to Gaza community and hate to Israel resulted in the flourishing activity of Hamas and its poisoning brain-washing activity towards the Gazans with their constant blaming Israel for all the faults this community has.
Gazans irresponsible self destructive activity brought them to the situation where there is no way out except of strong self criticism and becoming the first to openly recognize the State of Israel and cooperate with It for the mutual benefit of the people, instead they are pushed more and more into the abyss by the so called critics of Israel, who tried to keep the Gaza people in their sever delusional state, about their "right" for the Land of Israel, their "right" for self determination and all the rest of this bla-bla, which inflame Gazans ego and put on fire their future.

(1) smb, July 24, 2014 3:29 AM

people make up excuses why the Palestinians hate. Some say it's because they have a small space. That's no excuse for Hamas to throw rockets and threaten Israel. The Native Americans are on reservations, they don't attack places. The Palestinians are taught to hate us because their ideology says we are bad. When Hamas attacks, or a Palestinians does a bombing or kidnapping, we need to defend and protect our self. - Israel tries to only target the terrorist and their weapons. Hamas knows this and tries to put civilians in the way, so there is a dilemma. Hamas is hurting it's own. that's why Hamas needs to be taken out for everyone's sake


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