Holocaust Souls Who Return: A Discussion With Sara Rigler

Hundreds of people claim to have had a previous life during the Holocaust. Many of them suffer inexplicable dreams and visions of terror and pain. A product of overactive imaginations or an indication of a hidden aspect of reality?

01:15 What is the story of your book?
05:02 Can you describe your flashback?
07:10 Why should people take this book seriously?
15:50 Why repeat such traumatic experiences from a previous life?
20:40 How can I know if I have been reincarnated?
25:20 How did you first connect to the idea you were reincarnated?
34:54 How did you learn of your reincarnation?
43:01 If given the choice, would you experience these remembrances again?

Comments (3)

(2) Anonymous, December 12, 2021 6:22 AM

Anyone can have a past life regression with qualified therapists

DR Brian Weiss and many other therapists have been doing past life regression therapy for many years. There are many qualified therapists world wide Anyone who feels they would benefit from such therapy should be able to access their past lives

(1) Joseph A. Apicella, December 8, 2021 6:31 PM

We are dealing with infinite forces in the Universe

Fascinating. I listen to the stories and reserve judgment. Those who have lost someone can find much merit in the concept. The child who died as an infant can come back and know the joys and sadness of this world. Great discussion.

Dee, December 11, 2021 7:48 AM

My account

I have had recurring dreams since I was eight or nine; maybe younger. They still keep me up at night. As far as I know, my family is not Jewish. Still, listening to your accounts of what has happened; I do wonder. I often have discussions with this voice. Like tonight. This entity wants me to know who he/she/or they are. The more I read and express my opinions or ask questions to this entity/ my idea is the Creator Himself; the more he listens and wants me to learn more. After hearing this tonight, I honestly wonder if we have all gotten reincarnation wrong. What if what we are seeing, experiencing and hearing is Hashem himself? What if He is showing us all the experiences of "hell on Earth" He has dealt with since the beginning of time? We are all connected, correct? We are supposed to be connected to Creation and The One Who made it possible, correct? What if it is His sight we are seeing, his experiences we are feeling, what if it is His pain and suffering, we are expressing? I am absolutely 100% without a shadow of doubt convinced all of us have been shown the same things throughout life. His story is true. What we see, feel, and hear are our own versions of these. Similar in creepy eerie ways, arousing and fun in others; still, His life is what He is sharing with us. Just my thoughts. I look forward to reading your book and learning more. Thank you for sharing. It really did help me with my journey.


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