It is a centuries-old tradition to place a note with a prayer or request in the Western Wall, the Kotel.

Type in your prayer. It will be printed out in the Old City of Jerusalem where it will be placed in the Western Wall by a student of Aish HaTorah. Notes that are anti-Semitic or uncivilized in nature will be automatically deleted.

"Window on the Wall" offers a special Internet service for people who are not in Jerusalem who wish to place a note in the Wall.

This is a free service.
However, there is great merit in making a contribution and helping to support the service, making it available to others. If you would like to make a contribution:

Or you can send a check, payable to "Aish HaTorah" to this address:
915 Clifton Ave., Suite 4
Clifton NJ, 07013 USA

The Talmud teaches that there are three things that can change the course of a person's life -

(correcting your mistakes between you and the Almighty, and between you and your fellow man),

(heartfelt prayer), and

(acts of righteousness, charity).

It is a Jewish tradition to make a contribution in times of trouble so that the merit of the contribution will give additional reason for the Almighty to answer your prayer. If you would like to make a contribution, any amount is welcomed and appreciated.

Traditionally, contributions are made in increments of $18 -- as 18 is the numerical value of "Chai" (Life) in Hebrew.

Your contribution will both cover costs of providing this service and help fund our Jewish educational programs.
915 Clifton Ave., Suite 4
Clifton NJ, 07013 USA


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