Forbidden Activities - Electricity

Dishwasher on Shabbat - I know that you can't use a dishwasher on Shabbat, but I'm wondering if I can load the dirty dishes into it? Or perhaps I shouldn't be touching the dishwasher at all on Shabbat? More »
Driving to Synagogue on Shabbat - I enjoy attending synagogue services on Shabbat, but the rabbi told me that it's better to pray at home than to violate a prohibition of Shabbat. I couldn't really see how that’s more important than attending synagogue... More »
Kiruv Drive - Is there a possibility to invite someone to our home for Shabbat dinner, if they are not Shabbat observant and will probably drive home after the meal? More »
Pedometer, Fitbit on Shabbat - My family has become very health-conscious lately and we all have our own Fitbits which we wear all the time. It has really helped us maintain our health. Is there any issue with wearing it on... Shabbat? More »
Timers on Shabbat - There is a new guy in our Penn State group who has been coming to Friday night services, and also follows the crowd to my place for the Oneg Shabbos party. He is very curious and asks good questions. His latest... More »
Wall Camera on Shabbat - Right now it is not quite Shabbat in Los Angeles. I've have been visiting your Western Wall Camera site daily and find it very informative and "spiritually relaxing." I have actually copied one of the daily... More »

Due to limited resources, the Ask the Rabbi service is intended for Jews of little background with nowhere else to turn. People with questions in Jewish law should consult their local rabbi. For genealogy questions try Note also that this is not a homework service!

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